RAFVR/R(Aux)AF to TA Commission

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by metplod, May 1, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know of a process to convert a RAFVR/R(Aux)AF commission to the TA? Is it possible and what would it entail.
  2. I thought the VR and Aux were different. Isnt VR Officers and Aux other ranks? What branch were you in?

    I know of someone who went the other way (TA to RAFVR) and merely had an interview and references looked at, before appointment.

    I would imagine that if someone of suitable rank and influence wants you in, then it should be pretty easy.
  3. I thought that RAF VR were ATC officers (with a (T) added to denote training) and the auxiliary were the reservists in the same way that ACF was to TA.

    All sites point to this as Royal Auxiliary Air Force has commissions as well as ordinary soldiers (airmen) and so this seems to be the case.


  4. It is neccesary to differentiate between an RAF VR commision and a RAuxAF commision.

    The only bits of the RAFVR left now are officers working in the air cadet organisation - RAF VR (T), and a few third year students in university air squadrons. All other RAFVR officers were amalgamated into the RAuxAF about 8 years ago. I would expect that an existing RAFVR officer would essentially be treated as a civilian entrant if thay wanted to join the TA. They wont even have done the equivalent of a Recruits Course so in TA terms should not even be exempt Module 1 / Recruit Trg.

    The RAuxAF is the RAF equivalent of the TA - ie members are operationaly trained and are mobilised.

    It is absolutely possible to transfer from a RAuxAF commison to a TA commision. I did it about 4 years ago.

    It will depend on what an individual has to offer, what level of training they are at, and what the unit they are interested in joining is looking for. In general it will be up to individual COs to decide if an individual has something to offer and can be fitted into the Army system at an appropriate level, and to recommend to Glasgow what training they need to do.

    The first step is to approach units doing the sort of job you are interested in and discuss with the CO / Adj what you have to offer.

    I transfered at my existing seniority Flt Lt to Capt , then went on JOTES (old Lt to Capt Exam) (I didnt have to but did it anyway, although had to do a lot of work to catch up on all the background knowledge guys who had been to Sandhurst had) ) and shortly after TA Junior Staff Course, and Iraq (Telic2) . There was no attendance at RCB / TCB or requirement to do Sandhurst, but this was subject to individual negotiation between me, my CO and Glasgow.

    The job I was coming from in the RAuxAF was very similar to what I wanted to do in the TA and I had lots of relevant operational experience (and reports) gained on two recent op tours in the Balkans and Sierra Leone.

    In my experience many RAuxAF officers are not that well trained in basic military skills and would need to work hard to catch up in an Army environment - but it is possible with the right attitude and a commitment to doing a lot of your own study and plenty of odd bits of training with local units to fill in the knowledge gaps.

    In my previous TA unit we had ex RM and RN officers as well. I would suggest you either need to transfer pretty young and then you can get on the main career courses early and catch up, or transfer as a specialist later when your experience etc can be used.

    It has been well worth it. I have had much more satisfaction from my last 2 TA jobs than my last RAuxAF job. I have had lots of support and am now in a really interesting and challenging TA majors job.

    PM me for more info if you want.
  5. Was you in the RAuxAF Regiment? Or something else?