RAF's Quick Reaction Alert revealed

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 21, 2012.

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  2. And breath..............
  3. Are QRA aircraft actually armed with live weapons?
  4. Tally Ho, Tally Ho, bandits 11 o clock.

    I loved that Carling Black Label advert where the pilots voice sounded all distorted and that, even when he wasn't on the radio.
  5. Unofficial motto of the RLC since 1993.
  6. Wrong. Oursis 'we eat excessively.'
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  7. Yes.

  8. Planes take off and fly through the sky?

    How novel!
  9. MoD RSS (or whatever that tedious feed is called!!)

    Please, just for once, provide us with something interesting.

    Either that, or f**k off, one of the two.
  10. Oh how I'm so looking forward to the end of March 2018, when Trenchard's "100-year experiment" comes to a close and heavier-than-air craft return to the hands of the FAA and Army.

    That is, if the FAA manage to hold out long enough...
  11. "...changed little in more than 70 years." Really?

  12. Quick Reaction Alert?

    Only if the receptionist at the hotel can get through to the pilots
  13. OK - how would Arrsers react to - 'RAF no longer maintain an armed QRA(I) because some fat old blokes who saw some service decades ago in W Germany think that RAF personnel are nothing more that 'wet pants'.'

    Nice to know that we have 4th generation+ supersonic interceptors armed to the teeth with multi-modal weapons available 24/7 at near-cockpit readiness.
  14. Flt Lt Rees explained:
    "The RAF has been doing this ever since the Battle of Britain in 1940, when the likes of Douglas Bader intercepted the Luftwaffe aircraft determined to defeat the Spitfire and Hurricanes of Fighter Command and bring the country to its knees."

    What? Does he mean they sit around in deckchairs smoking pipes and stroking the ears of black labradors waiting for someone to ring a bell?
  15. Pretty much so, although the last Lab I saw at QRA was blond and belonged to one of the groundcrew.