RAFs new shoes wont shine (Daily Express)


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I printed this off the Defence Intranet but I can't find a link to the DE's original story:

"RAF's new shoes won't shine"

"It is reported that the shoes worn by RAF personnel will not shine because they are made of the wrong leather."

"MOD COMMENT: The MOD recently let a contract contract for new footwear. The shoe leather used by the manufacturer met the contractural specification but did not meet service standards in terms of surface shine. Since becoming aware of the problem we have taken action and the contractor has now changed the leather used. The new shoes coming through should therefore meet shining standards."

Sknn's comment: Words like 'shining standards' are surely an oxymoron when applied to out crab bretherin. I was amazed by this article. The current fashion amounts crabs in AKROTIRI is for black oxfords with patent leather toecaps. These would look unmilitary in any circumstances, but as the other part of RAF fashion involves never putting polish on footwear the result is embarrasing.

Sknn's further comment: Way back when I had to bull the good old army road slapper (black plimsols) I find it hard to believe there is anything that can't be shined with the application of polish. Mind you thats probably the problem - they have not tried polishing them!


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Unfortunately true, coming to a Trg establishment near you soon.
And people will notice the difference?.........
I thought the RAF didn't bull their shoes! That's what Tornado nose cone paint was meant for :D
Why are they trying to polish suede?
I imagine the big ornange swoosh down the side would take a good many applications of Parade gloss to polish over.
maybe just maybe they may have to wear issued BOOTS then eh :!: :!: :!: :!: ....................................then again i am sure that they will all have fablon sick-chits excusing them wearing anything heavier than a carpet slipper :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Horridlittleman said:
I thought the RAF didn't bull their shoes! That's what Tornado nose cone paint was meant for :D
Was that for covering up the concrete stains when the F3's flew with concrete ballast in the nose-cone becuase they didn't have a working radar to put in there?

Seems the only use for a Nav in those days was to make beep-bip sounds for the pilots - bless! Still, they have a radar now, just a pity the planes can't get up above 30,000ft or do anything fancy - like bank and turn without stalling. Good old BAe!!!
during my 9 year tour of northern hotels and pubs with the RAF the one thing that impressed me was their unfailing abilty to send the officers into battle first. Jolly good show Biggles what !!

I only wore shoes for less than two years btw, rest of the time it was boots worn with dpm trews and blue wooly pully for effect
Chaps. We tend to find that the boots are worn by those who dig in rather than check in - those poor ditch-dwelling chaps we find outside the hotel fence.
I personally abhor the practice of painting toecaps as, correctly pointed out above, it looks pap. The scrotes we're recruiting and softly training are not taught such bulling skills the way yours are - which is a shame. A toecap isn't a lot to get bulled.

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