RAF's largest ever aircraft arrives in the UK

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 21, 2011.

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  2. Rented for £400million a year. Bargain.

    Going to work out about the same price as a Type 45 Destroyer (each aircraft) over their lifespan aren't they?
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  3. Does it have triple deck wings and a pram style under carriage? Never mind, I/ll google it for a shufti.
  4. Oh, the irony.

    The RAF's largest ever aircraft, just at the time the RAF's at it's smallest.
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  5. At twice the yearly cost that got Nimrod scrapped.......
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  6. Good one!

  7. Wasn't the old Belfast the RAF's biggest-ever aircraft?

    Too lazy to google the specs, as I'm sure there is a spotter here somewhere to elucidate us...
  8. Going to be tested with Sentry - isn't that going in the great sell off?
  9. "…Voyager, a dual role air-to-air tanker and transport aircraft based around the Airbus A330 airframe, will replace the long-serving VC-10 and Tristar fleet; with the first due in service by the end of the year.…"

    IIRC, we're the only people on the planet who now still operate those rather ancient aircraft. I wonder if the RAF will still be operating the A330 long after everyone else has pensioned their off too?

  10. Never in the field of MOD procurement, was so much paid by so many for so few.
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  11. A-330

    Length: 193 ft
    Wingspan: 198 ft
    Height: 57 ft
    Wing area: 3,900 ft²
    Empty weight: 275,600 lb
    Max takeoff weight: 514,000 lb


    Length: 174 ft
    Wingspan: 169.8 ft
    Height: 55.1 ft
    Wing area: 3,800 ft²
    Empty weight: 282,500 lb
    Max takeoff weight: 585,000 lb

    Short Belfast

    Length: 136 ft 5 in
    Wingspan: 158 ft 10 in
    Height: 47 ft
    Wing area: 2,466 ft²
    Empty weight: 130,000 lb
    Max takeoff weight: 230,000 lb
  12. I guess that makes you the resident anorak on this thread SoI :)
  13. And old enough to remember the Belfast.:cry:
  14. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There is one still operating HeavyLift Cargo Airlines

    HeavyLift Cargo Airlines - Belfast Capabilities

    HeavyLift Cargo Airlines - Belfast Specifications

    When we were discussing the A400 a year or two back, we (curious Arrsers) contacted Shorts to enquire why they had not taken the opportunity to reopen the Belfast production line or indeed offer up a new model Belfast when the requirements were put out for the A400, or indeed take the chance that the repeated delays to the A400 project offered, they declined or were unable to gives us an answer.

  15. A400M is a political plane. We're buying it to be 'good europeans' and support AIRBUS's dream of being a viable competitor to LM and Boeing in the global military market.

    It's vital to AIRBUS's sales hopes for the A400M that a grown up air force like the UK's buys it, hence the enormous political pressure brought to bear to keep us in a programme neither the MOD or the RAF had any time for at the end.