RAFP view of the Army

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Flyingfella, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. I worked with the RAF just once on Op Orderly, once was enough. What a bunch of tedious boring mongs.
  2. efe9u oi0#-w][l\d#gs
    sorry as a knuckle dragging mong i find it hard to type.
    Well bless the Crabs for they can read , shame no sence of humour.
  3. They slap like girls and bite like half starved spliffed up Marlin when presented with a tasty pack of Wotsits.

    "At least I can get a job when i get out"

    If you wanted a civvy job why did you join the Military..............Oh - I see you didn't.
  4. RTFQ


    It's just as well they can get jobs in civvy street, it's where most of them are heading as a result of the latest reorg.

    "You can't fire me, I'm an 80 year old Chief Tech - I have great grand children to support!"
  5. Tedious rubbish isn't it? They have an even bigger chip on their shoulder than we do! Bunch of boring old blokes.

    Every time their 'coherent discusson' fails to progress, they krisisize our spelin and our grammer. Bloody cheek! My grammer died years ago...just my grandad left now.
  6. Its an RAF Police view by the looks of it
  7. RAF police are the scum of the earth and no mistake. RMP look bright in comparison!
  8. just a bit of imagination but picture the scene:

    RAF policeman: Sorry you cant take those nail clippers on the plane.

    Army bloke: why not?

    RAF ploiceman: in case you want to hijack the plane.

    Army bloke: eh? i am going on R+R after being in Iraq for 4 months, this plane is taking me back home so why the f**ck would i want hijack it? Im pretty sure that the other 300 hairy arsed squddies going home to see their wives and girlfriends would probably stamp on my head numerous times if i tried that anyway!

    Just imagination but after my experiences with them you could probably see this happening. And they wonder why they have a bad reputation?
  9. Are you sure its the view of the RAF Police?
  10. You're out of date, these day's it's more a case of:

    RAF Police: Where do you think that you're going with that?

    You: What?

    RAF Police: That dangerous item. - Pointing at your waterbottle - You could blow up the plane with that, I'll have to confiscate it.

    You: But I've got a 13 hour flight and there isn't an inflight bar service on this plane.

    Him: Tough!
  11. Sure they've been refusing to let us board the planes with Leathermans & Gerbers for years. :roll:

    When I was still in school I used to fly back to Germany & the troops would be carrying freaking rifles without any problems. 8O
  12. RAF Police are chods, still better than RMP though...

    Alas that thread is on the RAF Firefighters' board who, unlike their civvy brethren, are a top bunch of chaps. Unfortunately they spend most of their time attending false alarms and waiting for aircraft to crash so they don't have the reputation they deserve.
  13. The Snowdrops are the biggest strokers in the British Military. No-one else even comes close. Officious, jumped up, jobsworth wazzers. The most intelligent members of the RAFP are the dogs.

    Whats the difference between Adolf and a Snowdrop ?

    Hitler was sustantive.
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You must be very, very old as I can never recall any time when tropps carried weapons on flights which included families. As a pad brat myself I have been on air trooping flights to my father's duty station in the 1950s and didn't see it then. On joining myself in the 60's until my last trip via GreyLine Airways in the early 80's, I never saw any troops carrying weapons on families flights. Perhaps an example may explain further.

    I have been on R&R flights where the guys' "personal weapons" have been fully made ready for the duration of the flight, and indeed until about half an hour after they arrived home. 8)