RAFP to move under command of HQ PM (A)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Daytona955, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone else heard the rumour that all RAFP units will move under command of RMP during 2009??
  2. Jesus, one step closer to us becoming one....

    Still i wouldn't mind their postings, or even courses!
  3. Courses? What courses? That's one aspect that RMP definitely do better than RAFP!

    I would love it if it were true. Now do we drag them up to our standard or get dragged down to theirs? Will it affect the application of high/low bands as their Sgts get high band and ours don't? Will we all become fat, lazy barstewards (Oh wait. Hang on. It is RMP I'm talking about!)?
  4. Would having The RMP, RAFP and RN Provo merged into "The Service Police" be viable in this age of merging and cut backs?
  5. True point, my mistake.
  6. Purple Police is reputedly what they're aiming for.
  7. Makes me gald to know i've signed off.
  8. What are your thoughts on it.

    More than "Sh1t" if you wouldn't mind :D
  9. Am curious if the RMP wear a red headress, the RAFP wear white, what does the renamed RN Rozzers wear.

    Geniunely interested and not a Wah but if they do all eventually merge into one Tri-Service will they have to rewrite their Rules in regard to arrest procedure.
  10. There are doing it in Cyprus.
  11. Will they be wearing a purple helmet?
  12. Yeah and in the Falklands! It takes the RAFP a while to adjust to the RMP way of doing things.

    As for Purple policing, I don't know. If it happens it will be a minefield as each capbadge attempts to protect its own and gets involved in p!ssing contests a la Southwick Park. If its done with vision and without ego it could work well for all concerned.

    As for arrest procedures, Tiger Stacker, I'm guessing we're all pretty much in line, more so with the AFA 06 (only a bit late!) The hardest part will probably be establishing a single-service standard for paperwork. RAF coppers argue their arrest paperwork is simpler than RMP (it would have to be, wouldn't it!!!) but I haven't seen it so can't comment.

  13. Not being nasty or downright defamatory, there is a few lady Law enforcement officers who look rather good.(Apart from that Gwar from Scotland she was just one ugly boot)

    Since the good lady is a site sponsor enjoy.

  14. I dont think that the RAF would be happy with this. After looking how badly Sothwick Park is run they would probably run a mile.
  15. So a tri-service military police force service will require a new cap badge and motto.

    Any ideas ?