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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Little_Lion_Man, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Right, I'm a cadet still (sigh) and we've an RAF police cpl that turns up because he used to be on our squadron. Now, riding up from the gate to our hut on my hairdryer, I didn't bother with the helmet, now I'm not here to debate the rights and wrongs of that, but when I did so he threatened to nick me. I'm just interested to know if a dirty ginger RAFP cpl has the right to arrest me, still a civvy for the next few hours, for not wearing a helmet on MOD property (TA centre). I'm not bothered either way, the practicability of it means he probably wouldn't bother.
  2. NO. He is a dirty ginger and therefore has no authority at all.

    Please feel free to quote me.
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  3. I think my constant piss taking for being A) Ginger, B) RAF, C) RAF police has given him something of a dislike for me.
  4. Just a question...Why are you disrespecting someone that is A) Your superior (in the sense that he went through basic, and has been promoted to Cpl) and B) is in the RAFP?

    Also, on the TA Grounds I would have thought he could well arrest you, and a little known fact, if you get an arrest and charge etc in the military, it goes on a civilian record as well.
  5. Arrest? For not wearing a skid lid. Seems a tad harsh.
  6. Granted its extreme, but theoretically possible.
  7. Not wearing a crash helmet is a Road Traffic Act offence.

    You have to be on a road.

    Under the act there is no specific power of arrest for this offence. It is summary and can be dealt with by way of a FPN (Ticket) or a court summons.

    So it partly may depend on where you were riding. There would be a power of arrest if you refuse to ID but this would be void if he knows you.

    There are also a whole load of Military Law offences and they can pretty much always get you on one of these regarding behaviour not becoming etc.

    However as a Cadet you are a civilian so that would not apply so it would appear from what you say he cannot arrest you but could likely give you a ticket, which would not form a criminal record.

    Hope that helps.
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  8. How long has he been out of training? Probably just likes to play the big man infront of cadets. his WO would kick his arse from here to kingdom come for being such a throbber.

    ex RAFP
  9. (A) Ginger enough said (B) Never earned the rank got given it for passing out to enable him to threaten/bully and or intimidate persons his junior (C) I would imagine thats exactly why the disrespect was dished out (that is if he even was disrespected, IMO all mod plod lie)

    According to a solicitor acquaintance TA grounds vary rarely belong to the MOD and are usually site rented from the local council to that end said RAF plod has no power of arrest!! (I standby to be corrected) and even if they did well done for threatening a cadet!!

    let me be honest here I have no problems with proper police men and woman but I can't go the ones who join up to actually screw there fellow servicemen and women over, and who have usually failed entry into the real police so attempt to back door it via service police! Bitter? Me? never!!! }:)
  10. As far as i'm aware, RAFP only have juristiction on an RAF airbase, which is why in BAOR days if they wanted to patrol outside the "wire" they required an RMP to be with them as they have juristiction pretty much everywhere, also when dealing with civilian interest on MoD property in the UK MoD Police usally deal.
  11. Just phone up his station and ask to speak to the Senior RAFP Officer. Tell him that Cpl Ginger touched you were you wee and took pictures of you on his phone in a pair of Care Bear underpants he provided. He told you it was for 'forensic evidence' but you have watched a lot of CSI Miami and are beginning to have your doubts.

    He won't be visiting your sqn again after that.

    A) No he isn't. Cadets are not service personnel and are not subject to military law, many others go through a much tougher basic, but don't rock up at cadet huts looking for respect, and his rank is only acting, and B) So ******* what?

    I wouldn't even let a ginger crab barrier tech on my det and would likely resort to [un]reasonable force to remove him if he started getting chippy with me or any of my cadets. ******* standards, man!
  12. Whoever the land may be leased from is not the issue. Legally it becomes MOD property whilst MOD employees occupy or use it. Meaning that warranted constables, service police, provost staff etc; employed by the MOD have jurisdiction on it.

    Well, that was what I was told, and I, too, stand by to be corrected.
  13. Thanks for the replies, I suspected he was billybullshitting a bit, this helps. Not that it matters any more mind, I'm attesting this morning and he's gone back to places hot and sandy to "fight a war".
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Regarding the Road Traffic Act this does not apply to MOD property except where the local regulations for the garrison/station/base have been written to specifically include the Road traffic Act. An example of this is Portsmouth Dockyard where the MOD Plod use radar guns and nick everyone (including civillian employees) for speeding.

    I would doubt whether a stand alone TA centre or cadet hut has this written into its regulations.
  15. Fight a war!! he's RAF plod, he'll be safer than I am and I'm pretty safe out here.
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