Discussion in 'Aviation' started by alwayssmiley, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. i really wanna join,bt wt if i decide i dnt lyk it even tho i probs will.
  2. You seem to be a spamming spacker, If you have a fetish for dry bum love and bigging it up you'll be fine in the RAF.

    Now go die.
  3. Mostly we speak English on ARRSE.
  4. arghh ok il try bt its so much quicker,now those who have joined did u have doubts?
  5. HHmmm wah or uber-chavillian?

    I know what my money is on.....
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    yeah a bored one of "US" now let me just phone MDN and see if hes got over his giggling fit from last night after he found out how to boot every fcuker out of chat, only problem was he did know how to un ban people. Which made him giggle even more!

    honestly you should have heard him giggling like a 12 year old school girl sitting on a washing machine on spin! :D
  7. i cant decide its stressn me.
  8. You're still not speaking English are you, so I suggest you FOAD.
  9. Tell you what, with english and grammar like that and intelligence enough to post on the ARMY site about wanting to join the RAF...

    I'd seriously think about joining ADULT EDUCATION......

    Mind you, I suppose you'd make a good Steward
  10. Not to worry you wouldn't get in anyway as your English skills are below par.
  11. Far too much effort put into illiciting a bite from the spelling stassi methinks.2/10.
  12. alwayssmiley - you have ginger hair.

    Don't you.

    I call Wah.
  13. i changed my mind,wnt 2 becum a teacher or a sweet/choc maker.
  14. Do they have that career path in wah-world?
  15. wah-world?