Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by asdf2204, Sep 19, 2004.

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  1. I've seen this RAF land rover around, can the RMP pull an RAF landy or not? Or do they have to call RAFPOL or Civvie police?
  2. Yes as all three services are subject to military law irrespective of service. Just ask the soldiers who work at RAF bases like Akrotiri, etc, etc.
  3. The cherry berets and snow-drops work together alot, take Falklands for example.
    Not too sure about Navy plods, as not seen any! :?
  4. Thats because thier too busy hanging around the bars in Portsmouth looking for sailors ;)
  5. Fair point! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Hadn't thought of that! :wink:
  6. That's because they don't have a policing arm as such, but the Regulator Branch. The Master At Arms (a WO appointment on board ship or an establishment) has responsibility for discipline and conduct on HM vessel, and his "police" are whoever he cobbles together at any one particular time to do a shore patrol rather like the RP. The RN have a core of Regulator investigators similar to SIB who investigate crimes that the Capt of a tub or shore establishment hand over to them.
  7. Is that with or without coshes in the alleys of Plymouth and Portsmouth? :roll:
  8. At large Naval Bases like Portsmouth and Plymouth, there are Naval Provost patrols, who are all Regulators.

    In most areas the service police now work closely with MoD Police - in my locn the RAFP and Mod Plod patrol together, partially because the local civpol have been getting rather precious recently after a little criticism in the local rag - service families in FQs just outside the wire get an instant response to problems like lurking yoof etc., Annington buyers in the next street get no response or a panda car drives past 4 hours later.
  9. With. On a run ashore on the strip in Gib one balmy eve a couple of decades ago, I got away with an "evenin', sir" while they beat my matelot mate to a pulp for being slightly over the eight. I was wearing a tie, he wasn't. Still got the stain of his ONeg on the tie, too. Mind you, 176 Pro Coy put mine on it a couple of years later to even things up.