I know there are many people on this site who are not fans of the RAF Regiment but please try and answer my question seriously:

I had my RAF selection interview earlier today to join as a Regiment Gunner the interviewer told me the interview went well and I knew what I was talking about. During my interview the topic turned to drugs and I admitted to having been to Amsterdam 3 months ago and trying cannabis, I mentioned it was the first and only time I had used it and I am now against drug use. Because it had been within the last 12 months I couldn't take my medical because they needed to ask Cranwell if I could progress. I was wondering what you think my chances are of progressing to the next stage of selection? Cheers Al P
It would be unfair to say really, as each individual case would be assessed on its own merits. With that said RAF Reg at this moment in time are crying out for people.
I admitted to trying canabis before I joined the Army, they were fine, and admired my honesty. I had no problems.
Just got a call by my interviewer and I now have a second selection interview booked in for Monday with a person of higher rank, to see if I can prove myself worthy of joining.

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