Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exsniffer, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. I saw this picture in the Telegraph which purports to show an RAF WO2 drum major. Have they followed the example of our dark blue brethren and brought back this rank or is it further proof that the Telegraph is no longer providing accurate military reporting (A photo later in the article reports a marine bugler as being a guardsman)

    The Queen's Diamond Jubilee: ceremonial military uniforms are unveiled - Telegraph

    It could even resurrect the fabled Flight Sergeant thread if we are unlucky
  2. An example of newspaper reporters not really bothering about attention to detail.

    Or the RAF have done a massive u turn and reintroduced it like they did with Lance Corporal...

    No doubt an RAF WO2 will be an 'OR15 and a half'
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  3. And, naturally, all RAF WO2s would be senior to any rank in the Army, as per usual.
  4. You all misunderstand - the crab is a Warrant Officer and by virtue of not being in the real military is 'second class'.
  5. Will he get an RSM's pension when he retires?
  6. Looks to me like four blokes in fancy dress watching the rest of the UK armed forces doing drill.
  7. What's really bizarre in those photos is number one - a load of service personnel in different flavours of ceremonial dress, some saluting (the officers by the look of it) despite being in the middle of the ranks, some not saluting, some with weapons (rifles and swords), some without and the really weird one is the rank at the back in combats, some wearing body armour and one random (RAF Regt?) bod in that rank carrying a rifle.
  8. I'm sure that Marine bugler is a she, always wanted one of them to blow my trumpet. The dit value would have been awesome.

    "Bugler gave me a nosh last night"....


    "It was female..."

  9. Probabaly just doing what the photographer asked...or maybe playing up for a happy snap?

    ...a bit like these fellas who are a bit handy with the old knife.


    Basement Jaxx - Wheres your head at with lyrics - YouTube
  10. It would help if The Telegraph could spell "Scots Guards" rather than "Scotts Guard"
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  11. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    These days they're sponsored by a manufacturer of porridge oats.
  12. The article is full of errors and typos (Telegraph defence section will soon be on a par with the Grauniad). I wouldn't give the captions any credence. The title for a start is bollox.. as if these are new uniforms for the Jubilee.
  13. Hmmmm. Cap badge almost correctly positioned!