RAF wins Hajj Flight Contract


Pleased to see that the RAF have won the Afghanistan Hajj contract.  Doubtless they will be providing airframes for all manner of pilgrimages hereinafter as this in fact a 'humanitarian' thing and not something that the avarage Afghan was prepared to pay $1000 for.

Apparently, a Government Minister said something along the lines of "...and the aircraft were spare and in the area."  Now there's one for the crabs.

Reassuring to know that there will be nothing in Soldier or any other in-house journal about it next month.


I hope all the Pilgrims, got fuc ked around at an MCCP for several days and that any with vehicles had to spend 3 weeks at South Cerney. Also hope that the Snowdrops didnt find any green batteries in any of the Pilgrims personal audio systems!!

Lets see tough conditions and cold weather in Afghanistan or 5* hotel, big claims and very hot in Saudi. Difficult decision for the Crab Bas tards. Wonder how many planes develop difficulties on the way back over Bahrain. Tos sers!!


Is that the Muslim County Council for Pilgrimmages?
It all started with that take-away in South Cerney....


And at the same time the MOD is refusing to fly Falkland Veterans out to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of their conflict and so help lay many and various ghosts to rest.  Methinks that if the veterans were to claim to be Muslim and say that they wanted a to carry out a pilgrimmage to the Falklands then the government could not do enough for them...."Special Trooping Flight?  No problem Sir."  Sad to say, HM Government is most keen to help any ethnic minority but  rather less keen to help those whose lives were shattered by wars that they were sent to by the same Government.  Is it any wonder that people are losing interest in staying within the confines of such a caring employer?