RAF weapons in Afghanistan...

WTF? Is that a fag pouch???

edited to say - does that bloke at the centre back look like he's got down syndrome to anyone else?!?!
it looks like a catcher for empty cases that the walts use for their blank firers. Like you said though, stupid place for them to be, what possible purpose have they got?

Maybe its a case of 'if I keep my purse with my rifle, I wont lose either!'
I saw loads of support trades in the American Army use these single mag pouches on the butts of there M16's,
I reckon these RAF losers saw them and thought "why not, maybe i'll look really cool with one on my 80", but i cant see the rifle working very well with it on, however have the RAF needed to actually fired a shot in Iraq? dunno
Saw some of them in Iraq, a TA lad that was with us swore by his! Even though we banned him from using it. Think they're supposed to go on your foregrip somehow. Gay idea anyway!

Need a mag? Use a pocket or take your webbing!
They can't be firemen (although they are fat enough). If they were, they'd no doubt be mincing about in their "Right Said Fred" string vests which, IIRC, is the only shirt issued to them.
Probably fitted to catch the spent cases so they dont end up lying on the taxiway & get sucked into a intake of a taxying Tornado.
Most likly some JENGO seen them in C&S mag & got the squippers to knock them up.They're probably on guard duty as well.
The large version can hold 3 Ginster's pastys. The standard version (shown here) can either hold 2 Clark's pies or a block of lard.
RAF firefighters dont do guards, thats what they have raf police for lol
everybody has got them- mags in pockets = lost mags, holes in trousers and dust. Normal people attatch them to their belts and would be babooned if they put them on their weapons. RAF don't really count as a military component - i've seen them cutting about in cut off desert trousers with no tops on in the afternoon heat. unbelievably chippy.
Fallschirmjager said:
RAF Police don't do guards either!
Oh, but they do, look at their job at Basra!!!

Think that you will find, that they do..... guards and at many RAF sites in the UK they do the guards (apart from those sites with MPGS) along with their SGF (Station guard force).

Thats why they are soooooo happy to see the MPGS, their pay has increased, as they now are on higher pay band and they get tpo play at policemen and not securicor!
i can't believe i've only just got into work and somebody has beaten me to this already!

I though the pouches were for mini-fire extinguishers?

So the RAF fire Bde find some gange on a chogi, stop a bloke entering camp illegally and give first aid and it makes front page news on the defence web-site with a write up from AVM chumley-smethers...including th eline, "it simply shows the importance of training...."


A mate from school joined the the RAF fire-bods....man, he was the Walt-of-all-Walts, on lve telling us tales of dering-do(sp) and his heroic efforts how he'd got a medal for this and a commendation for that etc etc....he got chucked out for drugs in the end!

Blue-watch, Blue watch 'Shun
i just cant believe that no one has yet pointed out that the guy front right has a massive head
as for the pouches im speechless

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