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My daughter in law who was brought up as an RAF pad brat gave me two VG RAF books for Christmas.

1. 'Into the Dark' by Reginald Wilson & Janet Hughes (RW's daughter) which is the story of RW, a Bomber Command Pathfinder Navigator, his 1944 escape from a burning Halifax over a suburb of Berlin, his PoW time and his eventually successful 2005 quest to find the remains of his crashed aircraft many years later


2. 'No Flight from the Cage' by Calton Younger, also a Bomber Command Navigator but RAAF, whose Wellington crashed near Paris on his 10th operation. This is also a PoW story but I haven't got that far yet. This is a recent republication of CY's story which came out originally in 1956. His squadron, 460, he writes, dropped the highest tonnage of all RAF squadrons in WW2 and suffered a thousand casualties.

Both I found most interesting and well written, and it is right that these stories should continue to be brought to notice, remembering also the 55,000 Bomber Command aircrew who did not survive to tell their tale.

The publisher in both cases is Fighting High ( and their 2015 catalogue of 7 current titles and 19 from their back list, all RAF related except for two army, one USAAF and one other, was tucked inside one of the volumes above.


They were Christmas presents. You have not only opened them, you have read them... Shame on you and Humbug!

Bloody good books though, I have both of them.

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