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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by barneyrnsm, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Oh mighty Pongos of Arrse,as an occasional visitor from rumration I thought you may like to pour ridicule on the attached picture. It is of a former Army WO1 RAMC/AGC(SPS) who is now FTRS RAF and has awarded himself the MBE,Falklands Medal,MID for NI, First Gulf War,and the LS and GC,he really has the BEM. Having sent a letter to the Station Commander of where he is serving,we just wonder what is being said behind closed doors at that base.
    This was passed to me by a new work colleague who is an ex squaddy.

    Attached is an image that shows the two rows of medals he has awarded himself. We reckon as he is still serving,albeit FTRS he will be in the pooh.

    Awaiting flak,depth charges or whatever it is pongos throw!

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  2. Schoolboy error - we never wear more than one row of gongs. What a knob.

    ps Go on then, name the cunt.
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  3. Walting whilst on FTRS, is this a 1st?
  4. Not sure if it is a first but looks like he could be in the rattle as he is still serving?
  5. Well, he may not have for much longer, especially if he has awarded himself an MBE.
  6. I know this individual - he is a class one Walt and even in some websites gives himself the rank of Captain. He was an Army WO1 and does indeed have the BEM which he received in June 1991 when serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps - if you look in the London Gazette - Op Granby honours list - 29 June 1991 (Reg number starts 2458) you will find him. It is sad that he does have the BEM and feels the need to embellish his Army Record. He is serving at a RAF base near Cambridge. He does not have the Falklands Medal as he did not serve during Op Corporate - he went to FI in 1983 and he was serving in Germany during the First Gulf War. He is also wearing a MID on his NI Medal again which he does not have. He is also wearing an Army LS and GC - again on checking the London Gazette it has never been published.
  7. Also he is wearing his medals in two rows which as we all know in the British Armed Forces we wear on ONE horizontal medal bar (just look at Prince Philip and his medals) - on close inspection of the FI and Gulf medals they do look very shiny and I believe may be replicas. I can tell you that his first name is Donald.
  8. And my friendly ex squaddy work colleague joins us on arrse!!!
  9. I wonder if he is from a Top-Secret tri-service RW trg base 20 or so miles NW of Wolverhampton. At this location , which I cannot disclose, they allegedly have an alleged "admin officer who is ex-SF ", who in a previous (alleged green) life was allegedly dismissed another trg establishment in Hampshire rhyming with C**don, ex-PM G**don, or Air-Raid W**den, for allegedly wearing medals and jump-wings he wasn't entitled to............


    (This post is entirely fictional and bears no resemblance to any individual living or dead - none whatsoever)

    Edited: remove "trg establishment in Hampshire rhyming with C**don, ex-PM G**don, or Air-Raid W**den" and insert "trg establishment in Berkshire rhyming with Barbour-Peeled".
  10. Sure, bury the bloke why don't you?
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  11. He is at a RAF Base starts 'WY' near Cambridge and is on FTRS. He left the Army in 2005 but on Forces reunited shows himself as leaving in 2009 and as a Captain. I know for a fact that he left in 2005 and his last unit was the British Military Mission in Saudi Arabia. His initials are DG and his surname starts with an M.
  12. Why bother with all this? Just get the chief clerk to look on JPA and then bubble him to the adj..or RAF equivalent?
  13. Letter already sent to the Station Commander of the RAF station in question. Maybe next stop is also to inform the National Press (Sun and The Mail).
  14. MightyBigEgo is right. Yeah this Walt is a sad bastard and he needs his arse kicked by his CO but informing the Daily Wail and the bog roll is totally ridiculous.
  15. It's always uncomfortable when you read posts like this about walts from your old Corps, shame on him, may he die alone in a cellar full of rats.