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RAF Waddington. Demonstration against Drone Strikes



Maybe it's just some of the old and bold getting upset because they'll get their Afghanistan OSM without having to leave the UK?

Joshua Slocum

maybe one of the lads will test a drone on them ??
I am sure that many of these protests are being funded or manipulated by groups with interest
after all how many people can waste the time to drive there and spend all day protesting
apart from students ?
Do they wear Personal Protection Weapons? Do they carry Survival Kits? What about CATs, Israeli bandages and morphine? And do they shout "Eject, Eject, Eject!" if they fall off their chair?

As far as the crusties go, hopefully the RAF Regiment have been briefed and are stood too in the NAAFI (as per feckin usual) in case The Battle Of Waddington breaks out!
It looks cool, I'm pretty sure they also get their own drone pilot wings as well now.
I remember a Canuck telling me once that they UAVs used to be flown by any body in their equivalent of the RE or RA. No issues. As soon as the RCAF decided to get into it with trained pilots there were crashes galore.
And do they shout "Eject, Eject, Eject!" if they fall off their chair?

I bet they press the pause button while they go and make a brew - the drone will just fly in circles until they come back to the keyboard.

Oh hang on...they are crab ruperts... they will probably have cpl type minions to go and make the brew for them.


what do drone pilots fly when the leaf the RAF ?
I'd like to say model planes, but they are fully trained pilots. I don't know whether they get rotated around. One posting Eurofighter, next posting toy town.

Does this mean that we're going to get even more live feeds of pred porn that staff officers can waste their time watvhing and then try and pull rank as to where it goes and what it does?

Still, a bloody useful piece of kit. I bet there's numerous flyboys in Crab air with twitching sphincter muscles about their future.

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