RAF vs. BA

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jrix, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Instead of being my characteristically charming self...I'm gonna be blunt. Why? Bcoz I'm a man dammit.

    ***In general, which pays more:
    RAF or the British Army? ****

    I've heard from an officer that the BA treats u like shite. Where as the RAF- doesn't, bcoz they are gentlemen and don't mess with anybody.

    Besides u being an ass...incapable of answering sensibly, what are ur opinions? :?:
  2. Before asking a question for wich you are expecting an un biased adult response

    feck off and learn to spell you mong
  3. Ha ha ha ha, PMSL!!!!
  4. Good point Pyrex

    Standing by to receive a good beasting
  5. 05:30 its only a little H. RAF vs Army o dear why do you put us through this. Not even on the relevant Forum happy fishing.
  6. I think the answer is CBG that the Emperor Mong's been having a quiet word in Jrix's ear. Next thing we know he'll be asking if he can take his mummy with him to his ATR (If he ever manages to figure out how to open the door to the AFCO)
  7. No I think he is one of our colonial cousins who has discovered the www. thing before puberty, hopefully next week he will learn to masturbate and give us a break.
  8. fuck the RAF, and dont even mention RAFR!!!

    next time someone mentions the raf regiment to me ill fuckin blow their brains out with a 5.56!

    thats a stupid question, ARMY IS THE BEST! RAF should be marked off the british service list, the fuckin cadet corps see more action than RAF! period.
  9. wah troll?

  10. Really? Are you even in the Army? Or are you just saying that because you're a cadet?
  11. At first I thought it was a thread about transatlantic travel?

    'Marked off the british service list'...............are you twelve??
    Your Cadet Corps must be pretty fukcing busy with all those MCs!!
    and finally if you are going to use an Americanism, 'period' in the context you used means 'full stop', thereby making the full stop useless you troll.

    Get back into class morning playtime is over. :x

    Per Ardua
  12. Oh really, how interesting please do continue.

    Are you really in Northern Ireland or are you an American trolling internet forums because you are bored? Your use of the word period, and reference to British Services and Cadet Corps suggest to me that you are, or at the very least that you are a civilian who has been playing too much Medal of Honour.

    I now im biting but its Friday and i cant be arrsed starting the stack of paperwork on my desk. Crack on. :wink:
  13. RAF Regiment
    RAF Regiment
    RAF Regiment
    RAF Regiment

    now are you going to blow my brains out :?

    throbber :roll:
  14. Blind we'd have to find your brains to blow them out.

    As for the other troll/wah thread starter the Army and RAF have nice shiney websites which last time I heard told you what the pay scale is like - I recommend you look at the lower levels as you will never get to the higher ones. :roll:

    Oh yes and Ive met more 'gentlemen' who serve in the Army than the RAF. :twisted:
  15. Me too! Presumed it was going to be a question of who could delay you more! :lol: