RAF Uxbridge for TA training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brandy, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Am off to RAF Uxbridge for some TA training this weekend, can anyone tell me what the place is like?

  2. Its a RAF base! Better accomodation and better food for starters! and if your allowed out, your a hop and a skip from London "propa" or if your desperate there is spearmint rhinos
  3. Thanks for that.

    Although, unless Rhino now has male lapdancers wouldn't be much point in me going there :D
    Was wondering if it had a vicious assault course or anything actually.
  4. Very very nice ! When I was involved with training recruits we went there at every opportunity. Decent accommodation, OK food and all the facilities you'd ever need. Ask nicely and treat it properly and all sorts of doors were unlocked.

    Of course when they went to some disintegrating nissen hutted eyesore of an Army camp for the second weekend it came as a bit of a shock for the recruits ...
  5. Uxbridge is pretty good, be warned stay away from the 'Wimpy' just outside of base and the henious 'Chicken in a Bun' bad bad things and 'Club Royale' probably the worst nightclub I've ever been too and I've been to some ****holes. Good Hogshead just up the road though nice barmaids.
  6. If you are interested in anything other than "beer blokes, buns, big eats, bag off and back on board", there are a couple of interesting feautures at RAF Uxbridge

    1. TE Lawrence served there as an A/C under the pseudonym "Ross" (after one of the characters in a US sitcom about 6 young people who....) in the 20's, before joining the RTR and showing us how officers should never be allowed on motorbikes. in the 70's, there was a plaque to him outside one of the accomodation blocks

    2. They often open the old Battle of Britain Ops room; it was the underground HQ for No. 11 Group Group of Fighter Command and is just like it was when they left it in 1958 (obviously news of VE Day came late to NW London?) Go down with a croupier rake and pretend to be Susannah York :D

    3. It is also the HQ of RAF Music, and still the home of the RAF Central Band (cue "Theme from The Dambusters") as well as the Queen's Colour Squadron, RAF Regiment , who I believe do foot drill quite a lot.

    Hope this helps.
  7. You've seen QEB Strensall then, yes?
  8. Disintergrating Nissen Huts - reminds me of one of my favourite haunts - St Martins Plains Camp in Folkstone.
  9. Ahh my unit backs on to said grounds and we often use their facilities during the summer.

    they're generally a nice bunch but we don't really interact with them, in fact, they're hardly seen in public (where are they all hiding?)
  10. Dont know how long TA and indeed RAF will be using Uxbridge as it is going over to US Navy control ( inc US marines probably just stagging on !) moving from RAF Mildenhall with USAF to an improved command
  11. Never been in the RAF base but I spent 6 years living in Uxbridge - It's nicer than it used to be now they've built the Chimes, but generally Uxbridge is too far from London to get into the centre quickly and too close to get it's own decent stuff.

    Royales is the nightclub they used when filming "The Office". It's cheesy and naff - Avoid unless you're out to get drunk and just want a laugh with a couple of good mates.

    If you're just there for a weekend, I wouldn't bother going anywhere much further afield than the Hogshead or one of the other pubs/restuarants attached to The Chimes, just by the cinema.

    Avoid all the places just outside the RAF base itself. They supply crap food to pissed students/squaddies.
  12. Aren't the new US lot just replacing the old not-so-secret US signals lot? (That used to wander around Uxbridge in US Army Signals uniforms.)
  13. No fella what i have heard from RAF mate of mine is that it is set to close as a HM Forces base(does make sence in that the GOV like closing Bases ! ) as such in the next 2-3 and the USN are to take it over probably more sigs det as you say .