RAF typist awarded £484,000 for damaged thumb

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Been done before, mate.

    However, I would not feel right if I did not take this oppertunity to call the young "lady" in question a lazy, whining cnut and a disgrace to HM Forces in general and the RAF in particular.

    And...breath. EndRant.
  2. Worth pointing out that the typist was no more RAF than any other civil servant is Army or Navy. She's a civilian.
  3. Who cares, Absloute pain in the wrist!
  4. Shocking.

    This country needs to wake up and have a good look at itself.

    Priorities are all wrong.
  5. It's not so much her at fault as the system. All the compensation laws were set up because the unions influenced the government , unfortunately the forces don't have the same chance to exert pressure. Who'd turn down the chance of the odd £400,000
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  7. Someone with Moral Fibre?
  8. She's a civvi - they dont have moral fibre......
  9. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer

    Some of us do the best we can, Chimp.
  10. "She's a civvi - they dont have moral fibre...... "

    Oh do grow up, the whole Civvies don't have X threads are really dull. Lose the chip in your shoulder and accept the fact that this particular piece of crap was a member of HM Forces.
  11. It's a long time since I came across such a righteous bunch as there are on this site at times. Bags of indignation. The fact that vshe got £400.000 plus and the squaddie only got about £152,000 isn't her fault. As a matter of fact I get an enormous war pension of £27 a week because my employment prospects have been lowered since 1973 but I don't begrudge her her money. I admit it's nothing short of disgusting that that lad only got what he did but unfortunately that's just a reflection of what the government think of the armed forces. There is a constant stream of insults about civilians on th esite but all civvies are supposed to respect our lads and alsses in uniform. It's a two way street lads.
  12. As far as I'm aware, she was a Field Mattress, not a civvie. And to be quite honest, I would'nt give a fcuk if she was ex-SRR, or another Para who'd gone through a sex change op. The best part of half a million for a sore thumb is well out of order and unjustifiable.

    As for respect - civvie or military, it has to be earned. This cupid stunt has earned nothing but contempt.
  13. I see the Daily Mail are pushing this again - is it because they didn't get the response they wanted the first time? They are now use this RAF typist story against Ben Parkinson, the RHA guy who was severely injured by a land mine. Link here

    If they are trying to raise the issue of compensation why not come out and run a straight campaign rather than trying to drive a wedge between civvies and military - we need their support not competition. If its a competition they want they are getting some support - see the comment from Maggie in Rotheram :

    "This gentleman voluntered to go to war. He knew this would be no picnic, he went anyway. He is offered a good amount, I am sure £150,000 would help a great deal! After all this, does he have the right to grumble?"

    Should we reply - 'she volunteered to be a typist and knew she would have to use her thumbs what does she expect if one of them gets a llittle tired?'
  14. When you read that story, it boils you even more. Poor kid and what a shitty amount to be giving him.