RAF Typhoons scrambled over UK

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 14, 2012.

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  2. Big news? Hardly the BoB now, was it.
  3. Actually having a Sonic boom over land is pretty unique, im not sure iv even heard one before as its usually restricted. But yea the actual story is not really worth mentioning.
  4. Fair rumble where we are staying. Thought the piky a few doors up had put his window in again.
  5. heard one on Grapple 6 as an F16 went supersonic at low level, off to intercept a Serb MiG that had rocketed and strafed a refugee convoy. a ten mile corridor (about 5 miles either side of the flight path) reported it as a possible heavy arty IDF, but were unable to locate the crater. certainly was ******* loud - shook the building.

    it may not have been BoB, but at least demonstrates that we have a rapid response to possible cockpit intrusion (pilots can set a transponder code indicating hijack) - was only a mistake on this occasion, but reassuring to see the response, especially in lead-up to the obvious this summer.
  6. Ia everyone blind !? they were off to intercept a flying saucer... to keep them grey aliens from getting too cocky.Helicopter my anus.
  7. Good timing though, just before the Olympics and good job we had Typhoons...

    But could a Harrier on a Carrier have done a better job?

    What was a Gazelle actually going to do if it crashed? And what the Typhoon going to do? Shoot it down over Bristol? Or just watch it cream in to something?
  8. Why? Was there an emergency Airshow that was suddenly put on at short notice that needed an enormous (and very expensive) white elephant to please the gawping public?
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  9. Nah, slow news week for RAF PR Inc...
    "I say Wing Co neg stories for the MoD news feed this week."
    "WHAT!! Break the seal on the emergency plan folder man, ASAP....What's it say eh?"
    "Scramble a squadron of Tornados with some spurious story to explain it all."
    "Ah well, I suppose that will have to do...carry on."
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  10. I guess they would shoot it down, Gazelle would probably go to bits, and 'we took it out' makes for a better story compared to 'we followed and watched it as the terrorists crashed it into a local town' for Raf news. Not sure with a real hijacking of a commercial one though.
  11. The gazelle would still 'crash in to a local town' though... just in smaller, flaming chunks.
  12. Thats true, and i cant imagine there is any way to try and time it over abit of grass land either, the speeds involved and not knowing what it will do after being hit. They must have some kind of training sim and flight tests for doing it for real though.
  13. Not forgetting the part where the pilot bravely wrestles with the controls to avoid crashing into the nearby infants' school.
  14. this is days old !!! Read the forums MOD RSS
  15. On Ex mountain Dragon a little while ago, some RAF guy led me to believe that they are scrambled pretty frequently due to Russian incursion into out
    Airspace. Not sure if this is true or if he was just talking shit