RAF typhoons over 3 years old to be scrapped?

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Le_addeur_noir, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. Apologies if this subject is covered elsewhere on ARRSE,but there are reports in the media that Typhoons over 3 years old will be scrapped as there are insufficient funds to modify them.

    Is this true?.

    I guess as the RAF are contracted to purchase far more of these airplanes than they need under current plans,it makes sense to scrap the older airframes.

  2. You got a source for that?

    Makes sense, once you assume we have a government that is commited to dis-armament.
  3. My understanding of it from what I read in The Times is that the Tranche 1 models are going to be scrapped or sold as a cost saving measure. Let's hope they deploy the Tranche 2 and up models to Afghan so they actually get to test their mettle and prove the cost was worth it.
  4. 53 Tranche 1 Eurofighter Typhoons to go in 2015. as it costs to much to bring them up to Tranche 3 standards. No they won't be scrapped, more like sold off.

  5. Sold? I thought nobody wanted them - wasn't that the reason for this unbreakable contract in the first place?
  6. Give some one a back hander then some muppet will buy them
  7. Maybe the Saudis will replace their F3s with them.
  8. Lots of new gate guardians then
  9. Not that many Gates left!
  10. Flight for each?
  11. So how many jets will the RAF have in 5 years time?
  12. I borrowed this off another forum, hope MM doesn't mind!

    This article relates to the initial Tranche 1 Typhoons which were realistically always going to be converted for spares fairly rapidly. They were effectively an interim standard very different to the Tranche 2 and definitive Tranche 3 Typhoons now being delivered. Likewise, Tornado F2s were all ditched within a few years of delivery in the late 80s once the F3s came off the production line.

    Tranche 3 are the most capable which inevitably all the export customers want. Saudi had a load diverted from the RAF and now Oman is being offered the same deal with spares and training capacity also being offered up as an incentive by HMG.

    The UK originally ordered 232 Typhoons but only 160 have been committed to (53 Tranche 1s, 67 Tranche 2s and 40 Tranche 3As). It is likely that we’ll end up with a fleet of around 80 Typhoon once SDSR and PR11/12… have run their course.

    If we get F-35 at all, I can't see us having more than 50 whether they be RAF, RN or Joint.
  13. That's what the first 72 Tiffs sold to the Saudis are meant to replace.
  14. Optimistic assumption that there will be a RAF in 5 years time?.If so maybe the Fighter Squadron will have around 25 jets,5 of which will be serviceable at any one time.
  15. I am confused now... what upgrades are required that don't entail swapping out one box for another? Wasn't the Typhoon designed to be upgraded on the fly?