RAF trying to appoint a junior officer over my friends head

Discussion in 'Officers' started by BuggerAll, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    A friend of mine has been posted to a Tri-service, but RAF led, establishment.

    The appointment is in a 2ic slot, which is effectivly head of a dept. The ic has serveral dept and 2ic's

    The Oic (known as manager) is trying to appoint an RAF officer, who is already at the establishment, into the 2ic slot. This crab is equal rank but much junior to my friend.

    The justification for this is that the crab has been there for a year and requires experience. My friend is appinted becasue this the right career move.

    What option(s) does my friend have? Both formal and informal?

    Why do we allow crabs to breath the same air as normal people?
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  3. I suspect I may know the establishment in question.

    First up: the appointment should be tied to a Service. Rotational "opportunity" posts are few and far between and usually apply only from OF4 upwards. If your pal has been posted to an appointment then there's nothing the OIC can do about it: it's not his to fill! However, the arrangement of unit LSNs within the appointments is somewhat in the gift of the Head of Establishment, so he can re-jig people within fairly limited boundaries.

    How would being moved to an equivalent but different post in the same Establishment impact upon your friend?

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  6. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator


    There is no evidence to support this. Indeed MS(B) said ( in recent response to questions regarding those ICSC appointments that would be to Joint establishments) that there are increasing numbers of SO3 appointments that are to be rotated.

    Not quite true. If the appointment is in a RD role, then the onus of Command is indeed his to organise. The HR branch (or whatever the intermediate branch between Glasgow/Innesworth etc and the 'Oic' wish to call themselves) post to the requirements of the organisation, not the other way round.

    As IF says, sknn, this is the way of the world! The very fact that he is, in your parlance, the 'Oic', then he is in command of the situation!
  7. Within joint establishments posts are pretty well set. The only way a 2ic could be replaced would be by another officer from the same service. If the top job always is an Air Force officer and the #2 slot is an Army slot the commander cannot make change's. These things are usually setup by agreement between the services.

    One example is the Defense Information School. The commandant has always been an Army Colonel with one exception. The #2 has always been a USAF Colonel. This was done by agreement between the services.