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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by boredryder, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Can a young army officer transfer into the RAF without having to do the 7 months training? If so what are the procedures that one would have to proceed through to transfer. Is there anyone in particular that I should speak to who would know whilst obviously keeping my anonymity.
  2. What trade/Regt are you?
  3. i'm at RMAS at the mo.
  4. In the final term - will be commisioning early April
  5. Cant see why you shouldnt have to do the training, I mean its not as though you have any 'Real' time in is it??? suggest you try joining a Regt and getting at least one or two CR's in first!!!.............

    Just a point, but why didn't you join the RAF in the first place???
  6. Be kind to him flashy .... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Im always kind....

    boredryder, you will need to speak to the crabs direct I think. They can be quite **** on these matters. Even RAF SNCOs with 22+ years who get commisioned have to do quite a lengthy course. I believe they are taught how to wear white socks with plastic slip on shoes correctly and the how to iron their crimpoline blazers without melting them.

    And...why didn't you go crab first off? And what do you want to do in Crab Air?
  8. For the 'Air' perspective, as against 'Aviation', why not pose your question on PpRuNe? Their Military Forum is chock-full of experts, especially if you aspire to RAF Regiment, RAF Police, Admin or Movements
  9. should have done in hind sight - oh well! That's life I guess. So is there nobody on this site that has any idea?
  10. cheers cloud - might go and have a look at that web site.
  11. Good-o. Looking forward to seeing the replies.
  12. Living proof that the soldier and officer selection procedure isnt robust enough to weed out the chaff from modern society..

    finish training you crow, then gob off, have the courage of your convictions
  13. If you're interested, he's here.
  14. Technically you are not yet an Army officer, but that is besides the point. I know of several individuals who transferred to the RAF when they were Captains and they still had to go through Initial Officer Training (Cranwell). However, one I happened to bump into shortly after he finished it confirmed what everyone had always suspected - that RAF officer training is something of a joke compared to Sandhurst. Before you do decide to jump ship, you should consider this very old saying that neatly summarises the differences between officers in the three Services:

    In the Navy, there are officers pretending to be gentlemen;
    In the Army, there are gentlemen pretending to be officers;
    In the RAF, there are neither pretending to be both.

    So if you want to hold the Queen's Commission but never lead men, and wear a uniform from C&A, then the RAF may well be for you.
  15. Why not finish your training do a few years in the army, then ask for a secondment to the raf?. Then you might find out that the grass isn't always greener, and if you like the look of it you'll know your doing the right thing.