RAF training bull

someone i know of reckons there in teh RAF training as an officer , how do i found out if they are talking bollox , ie any delicate questions i can ask ...i say this as they are always " chatting on teh net "and seem to be home
If their spelling, grammar and punctuation skills are the same as yours then they most definitely are a tech.   To confirm, ask some location based questions.   Answers that include Cranwell or Halton are confirmation.   It is worth noting that the Internet is now available in some single accommodation.
  If this chappie is indeed undergoing Initial Officer Trg (IOT) at Cranwell, he should be living in College Hall Officers' Mess (CHOM).  CHOM is filled with pictures of past courses and sports teams.  One which is always pointed out when you first move in there and get a guided tour by one of the historians, is of the RAF College Rugby First XV of 1929.  One member of this team (the first to beat both RMA Sandhurst and RNC Woolwich in the same season!), is one Officer Cadet Douglas Bader prior to his flying accident and therefore WITH his legs!
  Additionally, on the mantlepiece of the CHOM library is a small piece of mildly radioactive glass, created from sand at ground zero of the first British H-bomb test.
  Also in the CHOM library are some pencil sketches and correspondance relating to an unfortunate incident early in WWII when a Whitley bomber collided with the College clock tower in fog.
  If all this fails, ask him what his favourite colour of sock is.  If the answer is anything other than white, then clearly he is not an RAF Officer!!! ;)
RAF training bull, yourm not kidding.
    i tried reading your post and failed, what a load of waffle,were you pissed when you wrote it?

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