RAF Tornados conduct more long-range strikes in Libya

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 13, 2011.

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  2. Does the automated RSS feed now have automated mlaaar supporters?
  3. Spammer, I'm guessing (based on the links in the sig)
  4. I am still confused why the RAF are doing long range 8hr trips from the UK when they have Airframes in Italy far closer.
  5. Duty Free runs.
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  6. The pilots are running a massive MMA scam. You should see the rate for a Tonka!
  7. Because we lack a carrier and aircraft to allow short range strikes?
  8. We have a BFO carrier, called Italy for that.
  9. KH - It's for Storm Shadow ops. There are various reasons why it makes sense to generate those sorties from Marham rather than Italy (and these don't include making Sharkey Ward foam at the mouth in paroxsyms of rage at the amount of fuel being used, although that is a second order effect). The missiles could be deployed to Italy (as per 2003 and Iraq), but they haven't been.

    The Harriers couldn't carry Storm Shadow (well, not safely they couldn't), which is why the integration was dropped some years ago, so having a carrier would've made sod all difference. The Tornados in Italy (along with the Typhoons) do the job that the Harriers would've done.
  10. Why did we do we not have Storm Shadow nasties in Italy and have to generate Airframes from the UK that are tooled up ? Why can't the plumbers in Italy not tool up the Tonkas ?
  11. Same reason I wouldn't allow Italian armourers anywhere near my Lynx? Even now it's the Italians who make them...
  12. If you regard a three hour 1,200 mile (1,840 km) round trip just to reach the Libyan coast as "short range", what do you call a 15 minute 100 mile round trip? :)
  13. spike7451

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    V_M,I guess the spacker has never even seen a Tonka let alone worked on one!! They were the best 20 odd years ago,getting past the use by date now.

    We can,I gather the reason is to do with the ESA storage facilities & local handling rules for live munitions on the Italian airbase & the agreement between the Ital & UK governments.
  14. A duty free run?
  15. I expect it might conflict a bit with this, too: =|