RAF Tornado crashed in Linolnshire

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by daviroo, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. An RAF Tornado has crashed on the Lincolnshire coast during a routine training exercise.

    Both the pilot and navigator ejected safely from the fighter plane, the Ministry of Defence said.

    Search and rescue teams were scrambled after parachutes were seen descending near the crash site.

    The pair - believed to be men - were picked up by Sea King helicopters from RAF Wattisham and Leconfield.

    They were flown to hospital in King's Lynn, Norfolk, with spinal injuries but their condition is not thought to be life-threatening.

    MoD officials say the Tornado GR4, from RAF Marham, crashed at around 1100 GMT at Holbeach Range, an RAF bombing range used for aircraft and weapons testing.

    Practice bombs weighing as much as 2,000lbs are dropped on a variety of targets on the range, which is based on the south side of The Wash.

    It is used by Tornados - a two-seater attack aircraft - as well as Harriers and Jaguars.

    The Tornado GR4 is considered the RAF's primary attack aircraft, flying at low level and supersonic speeds.

    It can reach 1,452mph at 36,000ft and 710mph at sea level.

    On May 17, 2002, a Tornado GR4 from RAF Marham crashed into the River Humber, east Yorkshire. Both crew ejected to safety.

    Article link here : http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1238390,00.html
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well it sounds like they both got out ok all-be-it a few inches shorter, which is all that matters.....
  3. That's going to be some insurance claim:

    "I was just flying along minding my own business when, suddenly, the ground appeared very close to me and going very quickly, so myself and my best-bum-chum ejected and watched the ground crash very quickly into the aircraft"

    On serious note glad they got out and hope they're not badly injured - bar the obvious loss of height. How many GR4s have the RAF lost since 1990? It must be adding up now...
  4. Glad to see they got out ok.

    Guess it is one less GR4 to decommission ;)
  5. Help out an ignorant bstard please.

    When the ejector seat fires does it just throw out the driver airframe or is he/she still in the seat? If in the seat, does the pilot separate from that or land in/on his seat?
    I'd support calling this an ejeculation seat.
  6. Old,
    All you need to know fella, click here.....Martin Baker Ejection Seats
  7. One less aircraft for the RAF, down to 12 now.

  8. Did the locals rob them of their gold sovereigns, before handing them over? ho,ho,ho.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    When a growbag bang's out the is a slight time delay for the canopy to blow (the white squiggly line is a explosive charge called MDC) or in older jet's,for the canopy to detatch & to be blown off by the airstream.Then 2 things happen,behind the seat is a 'telescopic rod in a shotgun'.The cartridges here fire & the seat is pushed up the rail.Then the rocket motor fires to propell the seat to a certain height.A unit called a Barometric Time Delay unit sences the air pressure & determines at what height it is safe for the crew to seperate from the seat.A small shotgun fires which pulls out a drouge chute from the head box which in turn pulls out the main chute.It is here that the pilot seperates from the seat.He is also sitting on his PSP,Which is his liferaft & survival kit,this then hangs below him on decsent.If it is a 2 seat jet like the Tornado,the seats are set slightly off so that the crew dont collide on ejection.
    That's the basics of a ejection & I learnt that nearly twenty years ago on my seat course!! :oops:
  10. I think I would prefer an orgasm. Thanks for that
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So would I!! The spine compresses up to 2 inches & in older seat's,you could only eject up to 3 times in you're career before being grounded!
  12. Was interested to see the number of lives saved on the Martin Baker website: 7170 guess it's 7172 now!
  14. :D I reckon they only did it to get a free Martin Baker tie :D
  15. At my age I'd be grateful for anything! :D