RAF to the rescue AGAIN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. This is on Sky


    so our boys are off risking their lives again, which is of course part of their job, don't get me wrong here. just hope the crew of the ferry thank them afterwards.

    perhaps Im being cynical here, just wonder some times, the government don't seem to want an armed forces, don't want to pay for it but if there were no RAF rescue helo's then who would do this job??? and what about the public out cry when people loose their lives, etc......

  2. were the navy not also invovled?
  3. Yes we were, no fuss though it's our job....... cue crab propoganda machine. :wink:
  4. Shouldn't worry about it. There are well advanced plans to privatise RAF search and rescue!

  5. was not meant that way, just seems then that the RAF is better at PR, something the Navy could learn there???, seems the army has with the Ross Kemp Programme. I would not mind spending 8 weeks on Lusty, a Frigate or destroyer, reporting there roll and what they do, but then im not famous or even well known (maybe on here) so maybe not the right person

  6. Air Sea Rescue are the ones with both brains and guts, when they loose that, they are transfered to RAF proper . . . :wink:

    Bloody well done, damn sure I would not want to dangle off that line!
  7. Well done to some very brave men.
  8. Many years ago....about 86 or 87 IIRC I was at Brawdy for a few weeks and managed to get a jolly with 202Sqn. I was seriously impressed with the guys. Not just the way that they looked after me and let me try lots of things, but the way that the whole crew worked together to get the chopper into the right place exactly.
    We were hovering with the tips of the rotors just a few feet...and I really do mean no more than 5 feet from the side of a cliff whilst they winched the Loadey up and down the cliff face to pick up milk crates they had dropped off.
    Feck me they were good. It's worth mentioning that the pilot couldn't see what what happening, so he flew just on what he was told from the guys in the back. Now that's trust
  9. I'd do it. Me as a crewman and Lord Flash as the pilot. Might be a bumpy ride though...
  10. "and Lord Flash as the pilot"

    SH1T, VC material in the making.
  11. That's my Old Man's last sqn (at Leconfield). Did they still have the geese?
  12. You would love it. 69-72,I was detached to Hermes (when she was a proper fixed wing carrier,without the ski jump),one of my best postings.

    Got to fly in everything onboard,lived in a flightdeck handlers mess (RoofRats),hence the name. But the Barstewards bent my Landrover,when they lifted it of with a Wessex,of Malta. The FMT3 (Accident Report Form) was a joy to behold. :lol:

    Burble Tot,Chief :wink:
  13. Good job it happened on a week day between the hours of 9-5 otherwise the Navy would have had to do the rescue their own!
  14. After a protracted series of Air Sea Rescues by helos from RNAS Culdrose in the late 1970s, the crews got so fed up with being described as RAF that they painted "This one's Navy!" on the undersides. It was priceless to see yet another news report of "an RAF rescue mission" on TV with the VT rolling in the background clearly showing the words on the cab.

    That said, hats off to the SAR guys of both services. I've heard several of the RN ones complain about having to go back to boring routine ops afterwards but I guess that was before events in Iraq and the Stan.