RAF to fly second-hand BAe 146s

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunami, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. RAF to fly second-hand BAe 146s in Afghanistan

    What a feckin' fiasco. Wonder what else they'll beg, steal or borrow?
  2. Looks fine to me

  3. Cheap, the type's already in service. Obviously they won't be needed post-2015, hmmm. Still, I think this is a good move unless they're getting them from Swiss Swiss Air bumpy landing at London City Airport. Our Tristars are also used.

    Even the Septics buy second-hand...Harrier?
  4. A fiasco? The alternative is further delays to equipment for the front line. I for one think it's a good idea and shows that far from sitting back on diminishing capacity due to the A400M delay, they are trying to do something about it. If they maintain the aircraft to civil regs, they'll easily be able to sell them onto the civil market when they're finished with.

  5. Absolutely, sounds like common sense breaking out somewhere in HQ AIR. After all, the 146 was designed for these type of ops (Hot, High, Basic strips), and the RAF already operate the type.
  6. oldbaldy

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    We've been flying second hand Tristars for nearly 30 years. So why so hot under the collar?
  7. Will these two BA-146 be assessed for the cabin air contamination that so plagues this type of aircraft?

    Although experts worldwide, and BAe, acknowlege the issue, surprise surprise, no exact link can be made between the cabin air quality problem and crew illnesses


  8. seems a good deal if they can be sold on.
  9. 6 million for two shonky old 146QC's...

    They shouldn't be more than £1.25mil each including massive spares support.

    Another good deal by the MOD...
  10. Well the RAF used 2nd hand US phantoms as well.
  11. I may be being a massive, dribbling mong here, but I can't help but think that a relavant question is:

    If we need to replace the capacity lost by the Hercules going out of service, why couldn't we buy or lease some Hercs?

    Edited to say: Ah, it's so that BAe can flog the new military version of the 146 as being combat-tested by the RAF. Backhanders anyone?
  12. BAe stopped making the 146 a decade ago. It was first made at Hatfield - now closed, then Woodford - now closed.

    You're not Lewis Page are you ?
  13. No, but the article said:
  14. What a non-story. They are neither begging, stealing nor borrowing anything. Just filling a capability gap and trying to do so in a practical and cost-effective manner. Makes perfect sense to me. Your problem with second-hand aircraft is what exactly??
  15. It isn't like buying a second hand car, all aircraft should have flight logs and logs of what equipment has been replaced where and when, so it's much more reliable to assume that second hand aircraft will be bought in confidence knowing it's been fully and regularly serviced.