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Discussion in 'Officers' started by littlemonster, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. I commissioned from Cranwell in Dec but I'm pretty disillusioned with my lot in the RAF and looking into going green.

    Interested please in the pro/cons RAF to Army movers have found in transferring across? Also, what's the opinion on moving so soon after pass out?

  2. The number of offs coming the other way (Army to RAF) seems to be greater than take the route you're considering. You might find one or two and ask them what their motivation was.

    Perhaps you might also ask yourself how well motivated you are if you've only been at it for 8 months. Maybe, you're just not cut out to be an officer; getting through Initial Officer Trg is just the beginning...
  3. Littlemonster, as a currently serving crab, might I ask which branch you're in? I started life as a Fighter Controller and it did nothing but harm to my morale.
  4. MSO branch - life at the blunt end! I'm just not challenged and don't feel like i'm in the military. Army just seems a sharper environment - i could be wrong of course!
  5. MSO is an unfortunate branch, I can highly recommend Supply for a re-branch! Ironically it may be easier to switch to the army than to re-branch - don't be surprised if you have to do Sandhurst though.

    Rather than tip off your desk officer about your intentions too early, it may be best to seek advice from the army desk at your local careers office first, they should have the gen you need. Unfortunately the only chaps I know who have switched have gone from green to blue, and most of them were aviators.
  6. Hang in there mate, we'll all be green soon enough! Get yourself a cheeky little OOA and I'm sure you'll find it Military enough for you.
  7. You will have to do Sandhurst, bear that in mind.
  8. Looks like everyone's heading in the opposite direction! I'm just trying to make life difficult for myself. :D

    re RMAS, I'm ok with that - any idea if it'll be the 8 or the 44 wks please?
  9. Aviators from the AAC head to the RAF to remain flying, that's the major exodus. I've not heard of an Officer from any other corps transferring to Blue.
  10. AFAIK it would be the full CC.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Would RAF Regiment be an option?

  12. good idea but I've not got the necessary Y chromosome :D
  13. Well, out of interest, what would you want to do in the Army?

    Obviously you're limited in your options to do things at "the sharp end" if you're lacking the Y chromosome! ;)
  14. "lacking" nuffin' mister! I've got one more X chromosome than you! :wink:

    I'm interested in MSO, but I will look at other options when I visit the careers shop
  15. The Medical side of things? Probably quite rewarding. If you wanted to get into the sharp end, you could look at the AAC or the Royal Artillery, for instance.