RAF supports development of Anglesey Coastal Path

Ministry of Defence said:
An agreement was signed last week between the RAF and the Isle of Anglesey County Council to support the development of the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path.



Oddly, the MoD RSS PR feed is somewhat reticent in its proclamations about a recent SAR incident not too far from it's RAF Valley SAR main base, which was resolved with the use of airframes from Prestwick and Leconfield. Here follows a quote from someone in-the-know at Valley;


I'm more of a lurker really but i'm moved to post on the issue of valley being off state-
Normally we run 5 a/c not 4-

No 5 is at depth having a frame repair-spotted at valley and one tripped down to depth approx 4 weeks ago, no replacement available from depth, currently 3 weeks late.

No 4 has been long term u/s due to ambiguos wording/interpretation of the flight test schedule and various peoples reluctance to get off the fence.

No 3 was u/s with a frame crack- now concessed with 5 hrly inspects till depth visit- now 3 weeks late.

No 2 was awating air test post ecu cx-its secound since the original failed vibs- which had previously been rejected for the same,but we won't go there.

No 1 was happily flying as the only S asset till it was recalled by mig with high debris count from samples, which is looking like a mrgb cx,while its out its frame cracks could be sorted!
The full thread is at; http://www.pprune.org/military-aircrew/481762-rn-raf-sar-rescue-off-north-wales-coast.html

"This plan, along with our Community Heritage Centre ideas, will form an exciting route for island visitors to explore. They can expect to see spectacular natural beauty and incredible airborne displays from our pilots."

So the RAF really are just a public entertainment service?

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