RAF suppliers and movers vital to Libya operation

Ministry of Defence said:
As NATO continues its mission in Libya, RAF suppliers and movers ensure that personnel can operate at a tempo not seen since the Second World War.



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did we not do korea then? I know they didnt send many on corporate due to the lack of ensuite ships available.


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Busier than Granby?
How many bags have they allowed everyone to take.

"Mr Russell the W.O." thought officers only called them that and didn't write it for all ranks to see.
So gym equipment is essential to running a war?

One would presume if Biggles and his chaps is as busy as this dit would seem to suggest, time for high jinks in the gym would not be available.
The guy driving the far forklift, needs to take a test by the looks of it... He's about to lose his load.... lets hope it wasn't the gym equipment..


**** off crabs stop trying to justify your existence, you are civvies in bluesuits, keeping millenium forte, radisson sas, hilton, holiday inn, in business for years,
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