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Discussion in 'Officers' started by goatbagthedruid, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. [Have just visited a Mess of our Light Blue brothers and was astounded to find a condom machine in the main gent's cloakroom (just off the bar and also the nearest to the anteroom).

    I could just imagine an Army CO telling the PMC at a Mess Meeting to ensure that the Johnny machine is fully stocked; the subbies are having a guest night.

    Any other inter-Services differing standards to share?


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  2. At Uxbridge they have warnings on the hot tap that the water may be hot.
  3. In the Officers Mess at Aldershot in which I live there are signs reminding users to flush the lavatories.
  4. I was astounded to see a notice on a fire door which sad 'Push bar to open' It's hard to keep up with today's technical advances.
  5. Don't know if it is still there,but just through the gates of HMS Nelson in pompey,there was a sign saying "No smoking whilst underway in HMS Nelson". I was always on the look out for coal fired sailors! A few of the wrens were old boilers though!
  6. I can tell you the RAF standards:

    Pretty low
  7. R.A.F. and standards not really synonymous.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    During a cheeky little mess reshuffle I ended up occupying an ex female mess. On the back of the bog doors were signs saying 'please don't flush sanitary towels and tampons down the toilet'.

    Underneath an enterprising chap had written: ''yeah, come on lads, play the game.''

    I found it pretty amusing.
  9. Which Mess was it? That might be a clue as to the standard of WRAF on hand and, therefore, the precautions required.
    Alternatively, the Mess could now be under a CRL contract and the contractor's policy is to fit welly dispensers in the Gents' whatever the circumstances. If they ran an old folks home, there would be one under their 'one size fits all' policy.
  10. And your own impeccable standards are the result of what? Your profile tells us nothing. Perhaps your user name tells us everything.
  11. Care to disclose the name of the RAF Station? ..I think I may have seen one today also.
  12. You are failing to understand the significance of this condom machine.... at the moment this is merely a peculiarity. A short while from now, this will be a fine RAF custom, with a dedicated mess member to ensure the supply of condoms.

    Besides just think of the important task this condom machine has, in reducing the number of RAF spawn.
  13. They probably have one in the ladies as well.
    Weren't the RAF voted one of the top 100 gay emloyers? Just a thought.
  14. Did the cubicles have glory holes in them?
  15. oxymoron 'RAF & Standards' having to joy of serving in Akrotiri with our Blue friends, one point of note was when they had a 'TACEVAL' and the only slight sight of professionalism came from the Rock Apes, the rest were a fcuking disgrace!