RAF St Mawgan

Discussion in 'ACF' started by clanker, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. We are supposedly going to RAF St Mawgan for our ACF Annual Training Concentration in 2011, can anyone give me any heads up on the place, what the camps like, the training areas around the area etc etc?
  2. Was based there for 5 years. The camp is a decent enough place, above average accomodation, however there is no decent shop to speak of. The "shop" is in the Atlantic club which is the bar/snack bar/shop. Closest shop is the Co-op in St Columb Minor about 1.5 miles from camp.
    The cadets all eat in the Nimrod Mess, dont know what the food in there is like as its exclusively for AT courses and cadets.
    The Station Commander takes discipline quite seriously due to the amount of cadets and AT courses shipping through, so if one of your bunch muck up discipline wise, the whole bunch will be kicked off camp.

    The training areas: Theres a 25m range on camp, and up the back theres a huge open area where all the cadets run their training, not sure if you use Bodmin Moor which is half an hour up the road.

    Hope that helps.
  3. St Mawgan is the home of DSTO, Defence SERE Training Organisation.

    Lots of opportunities for outdoor stuff, burning things and bobbing about in the oggin in a big rubber raft.
  4. Actually cadets dont get a sniff of getting near anything DSTO does. DSTO are chock full of courses of their own to have any time entertaining cadets. Cadet camps at St Mawgan are just that, cadet camps. There's no integration with any other unit there, they do their own thing.
  5. Cheers guys, a good heads up on the Station Commander.

  6. How about approaching DSTO? Don't ask, don't get. I appreciate that DSTO are very busy and the course schedule is tight.

    Bit of a touchy reply there too, Buggrit, do you need a hug?
  7. Hmmm dont see where you get me being touchy from, just giving the facts as they are but hey ho!
    Appreciate the offer of hugs, if the missus ever puts me on a hug ration I'll give you a shout. Ta! ;)
  8. Sounds like there could be a lot of potential but will only see what will come of it. I have always been sceptical of RAF Bases.
  9. went there this summer ....
    accomodation reasonable ....
    food gash.....
    There's nothing on camp facility wise except a gym that cannot be used unless you are perm-posted Needless to say being an RAF camp it was empty with tumble weeds flowing freely through it.......
  10. This is why I hate combined camps. Does anyone have a typical Matrix for a Combined camp?
  11. Food gash? Isn't that unusual for an RAF Camp?
  12. Not normally, as they "check in" rather than "dig in"
  13. Was there for AT in the summer , the food was free , but gash. Newquay on the piss though, is mega.
  14. 'check in not dig in' refers to a preference for hotels when deployed out of good old Blighty. Not RAF stations. This preference is stuck to even in warzones if possible. When bantered about this by regular army, the retort is 'any fool can be uncomfortable'.

    Have another look at Pam 1: Military Cliches, to avoid further embarassment.
  15. And you'd know about digging in how exactly? Didn't you learn from getting your fingers burnt over the 'white socks on ops' fiasco that forces banter excludes ACF fiddlers?