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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by tony92, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. HI everyone, i am trying to find where to buy a squadron plaque for my dad, he served with No 84 Squadron out in Cyprus and hes looking for a plaque to go with the rest of his collection. (This collection is of all the places he has served whilst he was still in the RAF) please could anyone find out where and how i could go about getting a plaque, or even better if someone has one that i could buy?

    Many thanks Tony
  2. I don't suppose you've tried Googling 'RAF Squadron plaques', have you? I just did, and there's a few suppliers to choose from.
  3. Im only really looking for one, I did try the google thing, however when i did it it didnt really come up with anything usefull. May of been looking on the wrong pages or something
  4. Tried these ?

  5. My dads part of that association, may see if i can get hold of one of the memebers and ask them. Any more suggestions will be appreciated if that doesnt work out
  6. I know this is and old dead thread but I was in the same boat so 30 mns on interweb produced this found the original manufactures. I used to deal with these when making bases for my model aircraft. So I know it's the real deal and they do 1 offs
    C H Munday. Hope this helps
  7. Many thanks! Necroposts rule.

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  8. Try this lot: http://www.rafmuseumshop.com/node/1927. At least it will then look like the originals and thus the others in his collection.

    Edited to add: You might also want to specify QC or KC (Queen's or King's crown) depending on when your dad was serving.