RAF Spirit of Adventure

The Most Spectacular Air Show Ever - Bank Holiday weekend 26-27 May 2007 at Abingdon Airfield. Advert tucked away on page 44 in the Daily Mirror.

Ummm is this going to be a low key event on the RAF calendar - I thought Abingdon was now an Army base? Don't the RAF have any non-operational airfields left to play on? :?
I don't think the Treasury allows them to keep anything like that these days - has to be sold off for housing to bring in money that is then diverted from the defence budget to Quangos exploring how to reduce chav violence through the language of dance (I wish I was joking about that quango...).

The web pages for the show claim:

"Created and Executive Produced by Jervis Entertainment Media Ltd in partnership with the Royal Air Force to re-capture the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ for young people of the United Kingdom, creating a sense of purpose, national pride, belonging, inclusion and ‘positive’ futures. "

Notice that the RAF appears to be an after-thought in this, which seems more like a big brother propaganda exercise foisted upon the light blue because someone in the MoD has bought into this rather pretentious idea and informed them that they were going to support this marvellous media company in getting the government's notions of Britishness across (although, of course, the RAF should immediately forget any notions that this might mean that the government's vision extended to buying them any new transport aeroplanes).
Having worked with them I find it difficult to imagine how the light blue are going to help in "creating a sense of purpose, national pride, belonging, inclusion and ‘positive’ futures." Many of the ones I've worked with are scruffy 9-5 jobsworths
Airshows were better during the Cold War :(

All those bases with huge airshows, the absolute best of which was Mildenhall.

Even Abingdon could put on a very good show. (BoB at home days) Still remember, as a young Spacey helping to "2-6 heeeeeeeave" a parked RAF 'Toom as there wasn't a tractor available.

Remember the Pilot being a USAF exchange bod, who said "Thanks Guys" , climbed in , took off zammed round the circuit then gave me and the other assembled spacelets a hard crank left and right and a gloved hand.

When you're young, it makes an impression I guess :)

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