RAF sold to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Archimedes, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Just posted this on Pprune, but thought it might be of interest here. It would appear that the DPA have sold the image rights for the RAF to an American company -


    Unfortunately, it would appear that said firm now thinks that it owns the RAF:

    (at http://www.4kidsentertainment.com/services/lic_sales_cont.html)
  2. I just noticed this on that link:

    "Royal Air Force™"

    They are now a trade mark? Clearly worried about someone stealing their identity then.....

    ©Staaken™® (49¾):roll:
  3. A Pprune poster has just put up the following:

    So while all the Scottish Regiments were bleating to the papers about the loss of your heritage and image etc., TCH was over there on the blindside selling ours so it could appear on an episode of Bodger and Badger or some such nosense. I hope this news comes as some comfort to you- at least you weren't tucked-up like this.

  4. 'the commercial part of this is almost incidental.'

    of course it is.....
  5. Didn't this row all blow up over some clobber firm using the roundel?

    Though why the Army hasn't launched a range of Men and Women's actionwear escapes me. Some of the new stuff (Crested polo shirts etc) is really very good.

    Maybe they should do a commercially available Rugby Top with the logo?

    "Le Army sportif" or some such
  6. I can't wait for the Royal Air Force™ branded carpet slippers and pipe...
  7. Don't forget the moustache wax...

    and the white gym socks, with the swoosh replaced by a roundel.
  8. ....and the white socks.
  9. Great minds, eh PTP?

    I still think the Army should bring out a range of "Machowear" .

    And logoed socks (Black or Green of course) :D
  11. It would have to be of a much better quality than the sh1t we get issued with, or else no-one would buy it.
  12. Of course it would be better quality. It would be aimed at civilians, and we all know that it's better to buy civilian versions of the kit we get issued!

    Are the RAF going to start visiting Brighton on Bank Holiday weekends to try and enforce their copyrighted roundel? Are they going to issue you all with Lambrettas.....

    Rumour has it we are going to start leasing out ships - novelty Isle of Wight cruises would be a start, 'cos that's as far as some of the ships have got.......
  13. Wasn't the cornerstone of Royal Navy recruitment once something along the lines of you chaps going around pubs and taverns promising such jollies to unsuspecting drunkards? Any poor sap who went along would finally come to their senses the next day, somewhere in the mid-Atlantic, bent over a table with the Boatswain hanging out of their arse?

    When are you going to ask for a few quid for Lamb's Navy Rum?
  14. Not so much "jollies" - more of a cosh on the back of the head. And it would appear we still recruit in the same way, judging by the permanent brain damage that some of our youngsters appear to be suffering from. As for the "homerscksual" activities - it's always been legal outside the 12 mile limit. At least that was what we used to tell members of visiting forces - strangely enough, it was only the RAF that got a glint in their eye at about 11 miles out.....

    We don't need money from Lamb's - we get given free Pusser's when we carry out our hardship tours of the West Indies. Hard life indeed....
  15. trademarking SAS think of the money making opps
    genuinue jedi after shave etc etc
    plus all the walt crap could probably fund warriors and apaches for everyone out of that deal :)