RAF snipers protect Afghan family from insurgent attack

Ministry of Defence said:
Snipers from the RAF Regiment used their skills and training to protect an Afghan family caught up in an attack by insurgents in Helmand province.

The Rock Apes, imho, are in for a lot of this sort of PR massaging. After all, they'll be the ones left behind with the barrier once everyone else comes home.

There'll be a lot more of this. And I speak as an ex-Monkey.
"Squadron Leader Jules Weekes, Officer Commanding II Squadron RAF Regiment, commented:
Well its been a really quiet week for the RAF so we thought the MOD RSS feed should blow a normal everyday story out of all proportion"


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Surely some mistake? RAF Regiment formed in 1932? I don't think so - 1942 and that makes the maths add up to a 70th anniversary not as in the article: "The news coincides with today's (1 February 2012) 70th anniversary of the formation of the RAF Regiment in 1932."

Heck, by the time I've posted this they may have noticed the glaring error. And I wonder why no-one takes much notice of these pieces except to ridicule them?
Usual excellent quality of press release from the RAF. Almost as good as the 'operational air' updates. These deliberately fail to mention the Army UAS which do a load more hours in support of ground callsigns than the RAF operated Reaper.

The depressing thing is, that there is probably an SO3/SO2 deployed to theatre whose job is to try and get the RAF roundrel on as many press releases as possible.
I feel i wont hear the end of this..... "elite fighting force does what it actually claims for once (or we are led to believe...)"
Legends in their own lunchtime.

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