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veterans and rookies are Americanisims

RAF use same as army - Old **** and Oi you get ere.


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Slum accomodation - "ah say it's only got four stars"
Push out and dominate ground - only just able to see the main gate in the rear veiw mirror.
Fitness freak - spotted walking to work.


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Nobody uses the phrase rookies mate
Once you arrive it tends to be oi get ere or what's your name.
Probably best to reply with your surname though.

But if it's RAF banter your after....

Monty Python RAF Banter - YouTube


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Brilliant the way people come on here knowing so little that even their questions are stupid. Try e-goat little boy, you'll find it behind the wheelie bins.
Get to know "Jankers" mate, it's what you may find yourself doing if you **** up during training and also if you decide it aint for you then they'll stick you on "Pool" Flight, which means picking up casings on the rifle range or assisting in the RTF after the Rocks have been doing weapons instruction and CBRN capability.
Hi. I was wondering what are some slang terms fighter pilots use for veterans and rookies?
Couldn't tell you mate, if God had wanted me to be a fighter pilot, He'd have given me a large watch and a small penis.

My helmet and helicopter? How kind.
Couldn't tell you mate, if God had wanted me to be a fighter pilot, He'd have given me a large watch and a small penis.

My helmet and helicopter? How kind.
Being nice guys, we always offered to look after the Rolex when they were crewing in for ops
Here's a few for you.

Mate...... A person with rank
In the Field......4* Hotel
Roughers.....3* Hotel
Hard routine.... 2* Hotel
Paratrooper..... 2 Sqn
Warzone...... an exhibition or PR event
Combat patrol..... Going to the Naafi
Contact drills..... Photo time
First parade.....Works social.
While working with some non-flying RAF officers back in the 80's they occaisionally referred to their flying colleagues as the "two winged master race"....

....usually with more than a hint of bitterness, jealousy and outright hatred.

Ppresumably because the flying sort had greater promotion prospects, a much better job than the rest of the scribblies, and always had the best chat up lines ("I fly fast jets" rather than "I fill out paperwork and sit behind a desk").

Special forces- RAF REGT
Out on the ground- walking to EFFI from cookhouse
One of the big 3- RAF REGT
RAF Regt outside BSN-Lost/flying home/R and R
War is hell- RAF REGT in BSN/KAF/delayed R and R/no bacon in cookhouse.
Harry Staish or Staish - Station Commander
Badge - Station Warrant Officer
Growbag - Aircrew
Liney - Aircraft tecchys
Rigger - Airframe Techy
Sooty - Engine Tech
Plumber - Armourer
Rock Ape - RAF Reg
Snowdrop / Barrier Tech - RAF Police

The's more but they're the ones I remember.
Sprog - 'rookie' (uggg)
'Guin - term of affection for anyone not a Rock (usually Fuckin' 'Guin)
NFI - Not ******* Interested
POETTS Day - Piss Off Early Today, Tomorrow's Saturday, the long abandoned Friday stack
Jiffed - Given an RSJ
RSJ - Really Shit Job
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