RAF Slacker Appears on BBC Breakfast

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LARD, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Anyone spot the RAF full-screw being interviewed by BBC Carol Kirkwood at 0645 today? Slovenly scrote - hands in pockets and hadn't dragged a comb acrross his head. What kind of message does this convey? Rant off.... :x :x :evil:
  2. PS Apolgies for spelling......
  3. Agreed. Am an ex crab myself and thought he looked a bag of sh*te. In my day.....
  4. He obviously has never heard of Brylcream. Or seen any of the old war films with the RAF Tally Ho. Or maybe he suffers from Crabs
  5. Does anyone remember the immortal words

    "Sack of shoite tied in the middle"

    Oh hang on.

    Perhaps The Emporer told him that no-one would be watching!
  6. "6:45 you say? Yes, yes, I see what you mean, that is awfully early my little RAF worm. Just drag yourself out of your pit and throw on the first thing you find, no-one from ARRSE could possibly watching telly that early. Off you go now."

    vvaannmmaann - you did well to spot my work.

  7. You sneaky bastard Mong

  8. Good God,are none of of us safe from HIM?
  9. Their Lineys! What do you expect lol! Not aircrew who would have been sorting their hair in the mirror for hours before!

    Like what one said "i'm normally on leave for my birthday" :lol:

    Both would have recieved a heavy fine of several crates for the next beer call!
  10. Yes, he was probably still asleep by then, they don't actually start work until after lunch do they?
  11. couldn't believe the hands in the pockets,

    we got told off big style if we did that,sgt major was not amused!
  12. Not many sgt majors in the Royal Air Force :twisted:
  13. And that's part and parcel of the fcuking problem now isn't it! :D
  14. Not many military people in the Royal Air Force either. Surely it can't be much longer before the powers that be realise that the 'Hundred Year Experiment' should be discontinued?
  15. Your Mongness I think you may be a fake You sent me more than 15 Posts last week ooohh sh1te they were PMs I apologise for ever doubting you. I am off to replace the hall lights as per your most resent instruction wish me luck.