RAF SGTs Get Stripes On e-Bay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. From the Washington Times.

    The RAF is currently experiencing a shortage of sergeant's chevrons.

    Newly-promoted men have been buying their stripes on e-Bay.

    A new sergeant recently placed a bid for 4.99 pounds.

    "Some New RAF Sergeants Get Stripes on eBay"

  2. That is how we get promotion in my homeland too!
  3. Medals too apparently :roll:
  4. Nothing new here. Our technicians have been getting their stripes out of cereal packets and smartie tubes as long as I can remember!
  5. lol classic.
  6. In fact, it's Chief Technicians shoulder slides that are so elusive soemone has resorted to buying them from eBay. RAF News printed a letter from a newly promoted Chf Tech who couldn't get any rank slides from stores, together with a baffling management-speak answer from some SO2 Blanket Stacking, which in summary amounted to the usual 'failure of the 'just in time' procurement system'. Apparently there are a few of these slides in stores somewhere, so all anyone needing them has to do is ring round for a few hours.....
  7. Ahh the joys of RAF stackers! And I thought ours were ****.

    I got promoted while I was in the Falkland Islands in '91. I needed at least 2 rank badges to keep me correctley dressed (one for jumper, one for jacket). So I tipped up at the clothing store, which being a Joint unit was RAF run, to get issued 2 badges. The NCO informed me that he only had a few sets and could therefore only issue me one. My protests that I NEEDED 2 sets fell on deaf (or ignorant) ears. Soory, he couldn't issue them, in case somebody needed them. Well I fricking needed them! Nah, one set and he tried to make me feel good that I'd got them. T make up for the lack of a set of tapes, I sewed velcro to the tapes, jacket and jumper; then swapped them round.

    My experience with the CRAB clothing storemen was not unique. An old friend of mine (Tornado navigator) went to exchange his flying gloves. Stacker would not isue him new ones coz he only had one set in and he neded to keep these in case "somebody needed them". The fact that my mates were falling apart and he quite clearly nneded them cut no ice.

    Effin' Crab stackers.
  8. Look.... if the items in the store were for issuing, they'd be called 'Issues'. But the are not, they are called 'Stores', so they stay 'stored'!

    How simple could it be? :?