RAF - Sex Pests?

The findings of the survey mirror those of a similar report carried out in the Army. That survey found that nearly 90 per cent of soldiers believed bullying was taking place in the ranks.

The figures for the number of women suffering sexual harassment over the past 12 months were extrapolated
Guesswork and speculation, then.


Half of the RAF females being victims of sexual harrassment? They didn't say if the harrasser was male or female did they?

Anybody here old enough to remember 29 Coy WRAC? Where straight chicks feared to tread?
boelynbulldog said:
And males too
looks like it

It is worthy of note that whilst people experience unacceptable behaviour, the majority tolerate it and do not complain especially because they feel it will not be taken seriously or will effect their career.
That factor is about to be tested in the court, with members of the Armed Foerces planning to appeal for a judicial review of the MoD redress procedures, which they claim have allowed a culture of bullying and abuse to take hold in all three services. One member of the paratroop regiment is to make a catalogue of claims that he was abused and bullied into leaving the Army.
Butt the crux of his complaint to be served in legal papers this week will say that his real problems began when he complained
Anyone remember the story of the RLC recruit who was found in Duchess of Kent Bks tied to a bed frame during the RSM's inspection. He'd been lured in on Friday night and was taken to the CMH with dehydration, rope burns to the wrists and ankles, penal strain and cigarette burns to various parts his anatomy. Rumour has it that he then got 28 days for being absent from his place of duty.
I absolutely, totally refuse to believe that the RAF are sex pests. I thought it was common knowledge that the blue serge wearing civvies are hung like a Mattel doll and prefer playstations to women. Cnuts.
29 coy WRAC?
Not the girls only club at jhq rheindahlen?

I have fond memories of that place , being told not to chat up any of the better looking women as their girlfriends wouldn't like it.
AH the thrill of it !!

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