RAF Sea King crash

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Vicenza, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Amazing pictures of crash at Lossiemouth last Monday.

    Link >>> Rescue 137

    Pilot put it down, nobody got hurt. :salut:


  2. great link mate....where exactly are these pics?

    T C
  3. Seconded.
  4. Scroll down the page to post #2197

    Posted this morning 7 July.

    If you're interested in helicopters it's worth looking at the other pictures.

    There's lots of amazing photos (mil and civvy) from all over the world.

  5. getting a bit old these Sea Kings??

    great pics. well done to pilot chappy!!
  6. Ahhh, that'll polish out. A few Sky Wipes and some speed tape and it'll be right as rain.
  7. hope chiefy got the RAF form 700 signed before they left

    Is it 700 ?
  8. Yes it is. A gold star for you. :wink:
  9. i guess that there was something wrong with the tail, just my guess though.
  10. look at the doris on post #2085
  11. Wehay

    Hopefully the GE fitters will have filled in the running hours on the 755E as well for the hoochin

    I used to dispise RAF paperwork "the jobs not over till the paperworks done" and all that bollox
  12. If there wasn't then, there certainly is now. :)

    Like the first photo with Danger written on the tail section, no sh1t sherlock.

  13. Believe it or not many folk (especially some less air-minded folk in the Army) have walked into tail rotors before, like the Siggy lass at DJ Barracks who gave a few of us bad dreams for awhile with the aid of a Lynx fan. Painting 'Danger' is the least they can do.
  14. That sounds bad Stacker, when did that happen?