Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BU5T4TheJock, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. Alright I've decided to take the plunge and eventually get my finger out my arrse and join one of her majestys fine forces. I've been wanting to do this since i was a at school but after college I really never got round to it.

    I was in the TA and loved it but i'm now 27 and life is flying by faster that an terrorist with a bus pass. So I have dropped everything and started training with the Military Fitness group in Glasgow.

    I was just going to join up as an RMP in the army as ideally when I leave I want to get into close protection. But recently someone suggested joining the RAF instead. They said i could basically do the same job but get better paid and much better living conditions.

    What do you guys think?

    I personally think it would look better on my CV being in the army than the RAF.

    I'm expecting the usual abuse but some real thoughts would be nice.
  2. Try doing a search for RAF Police on here it should throw up a few answers for you!!
  3. cheers forniup i'll do that now.
  4. RAF MPs are the scum of the earth. Everyone hates them. Most have little love for Army MPs but RAF MPs are in a league of their own when it comes to being inflexible, arrogant, unintelligent, self important little gits. They make up the law as they go along and make life miserable for Army soldiers returning from ops. I would not piss in their ears if their brains were on fire.
  5. By all means join the RAF Police but be warned, there are very few car park barriers that need or can afford CP staff!
  6. I don't know if it still applies, but Snowdrops (RAF MPs) were not warrented, so could not operate outside an airfield. RMPs have a warrent and have the same powers of arrest etc as a civvie policeman.

    The Snowdrops in Rhinedahlen always had to have an RMP escort if they were on patrol.

    "Join the RAF, live life on the edge (of an airfield...)"
  7. Keyboardwarrior LMAO nicely put.

    From my quick search I dont seem to see many people who like the RAF MP's. Think I might stick with the Army. At least I know then that the guy standing next to me is well trained.

    From what I have read the Army mps have a better role than the RAF, the RAF seem to just guard airbases. but I might be wrong.

    i've always liked the idea of getting into close protection or even becoming a wagtail.

    First things first I need to get rid of my beer gut and try and get fit.

    I didnt relise how unfit i was untill i started my first training night with folks at the military fitness group. My guts are hurting like fcuk and that was two days ago. God i'm a fat loser!!!! But i'm determined to change that.
  8. LMAO thanks cuddles youve just made my mind up. Army it is.
  9. Have you been watching Whitney Houston's "The Bodyguard" again?
  10. hahahaha clownbasher no I havent been. I have actually looked into close protection for a few years and I know its not all protecting celebs but instead it could be standing outside a hotel room like a plum all night and not speaking to or seeing a sole.

    I'm sure it can be boring as hell but im sure there are times when its the oppisite
  11. I think the future is Joint Services Military Police anyway. with the Naval Regulaters joining in as well. The next round of Defence Cuts will see the British Armed Forces going more & more Purple than it already has.
  12. We had a RMP CP team mission rehearse at tin city when I was on Civ Pop in late 90s, Oh how we laughed when the car drove of with the VIP leaving one of the BGs behind. Give him his due he followed it at a high rate of knots on foot.
  13. lol so thats why they make you run so much before basic.
  14. sorry for being a total tardo Mike_2817 but purple??
  15. ahh wait a minute is it because your mixing blues and greens by any chance?