RAF/RLC Movers Lost my Bags - Who Can I sue?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gericom368, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. I've recently flown back from Afghasnistan. I checked in at KAF and placed my luggage in the blue ISO (destined for Brize) as instructed. On arrival at Brize, myself and at few colleagues waited to collect our baggage. After about an hour, nothing materialised. Baggage of 6 Pax was missing. We gave our details and waited for more info. 3 weeks later, I've just receive a letter from Brize stating that there is no trace of my baggage, and therefore I must make a caim off my own insurance.

    As there was quite a bit of stuff in my laggage that was v important, to my unit. Nothing security related, but relevant to my job. Are the RAF/RLC Movers culpable? Now my career is in question, I must cover the cost of what is missing, (over £7K) or go through mil inquiry, which will affect my career (so I've been told), is my CO taking the easy option and hoping I'll pay up out of my own pocket and save the unit more shame? As there has been quite a few thefts recently that are under investigation. Can I claim from the RAF, as it was a mil flight? Do they have insurance for these problems?

    Also another concern is that my Tom Tom SatNav was in my luggage with my home address in it. Is this a theft by a local? I know I can move but my unit are not taking this seriously, more concerned about the other missing stuff.

    Question Is - Can I sue the RAF/RLC Movers for any of this? Any help appreciated.
  2. No. Claim on your kit insurance. End of.
  3. Why should I pay my insurance excess and increased pemiums, for and RAF fcuk up?
  4. Also kit insurance does not cover what is missing?
  5. This was a duty trip by the sounds of things, so you should not need to claim for any of the gear, even your own personal effects. I have no idea whether or not the Warsaw Convention applies, but there is a MoD scheme which allows for you to be reimbursed for the loss or damage to your personal effects which is attributable to the service, and which will not come out of any unit budget (and I've seen it used a couple of times where OX30 got loose). You should not be held responsible for the loss of the gear which is not your own, unless you weren't supposed to be carrying it with you.

    If you have no joy with anyone regarding the compensation (both times I've seen it was at my instigation, as no-one else seemed to be aware that the scheme existed), I will see if I can find the DIN (or whatever it was) where the details were.

    I would imagine that Horridlittleman is a member of the RLC who should be aware of this, but has his own reasons for not giving out the correct information (or doesn't know his job).
  6. Are you American by any chance? Sue everyone, especially McDonalds, it was probably their fault.

    You total tube.
  7. Im sure you would just take in on the chin, wouldnt you :p
  8. No, like all sensible soldiers I would carry my valuables in my day sack and claim insurance for the dross that was lost. Being an Englishman, I wouldn't ask left right and centre who I could sue!!!

    You sound a total tube as well
  9. You one of those people who claim their black grip is their hand luggage at the check in desk then get mugged off? if not how big is your day sack, and can it fit "quite a bit of stuff in my laggage that was v important, to my unit." ;)
  10. Lol don't be such a loser. If it is unit stuff you were carrying and it is lost, fill out a report, end of. YOU don't need to sue anyone (stop watching so many Yank films), it's your unit's loss not yours.

    Now stop whining and get back to your Sunday roast
  11. We're having chinese :(
  12. Surely if it's Unit's property, you shouldn't have beent tasked with transporting it in your luggage in the first place? Use insurance to claim back your losses, and fill out a form for the unit's stuff. Maybe your CO will organise better transport arrangements next time.
  13. Only because of the Olympics and again, too many Yank films, otherwise it would be a good old English roast beef I hope
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ask for the Aircraft load manifest. Whatever goes on to a kite is on that list.That may help to pinpoint where it got to or is.
    PS,When I went to collect my box at Aldergrove,the was things missing. Only books tho but I was not a happy chappy!
  15. F*cked then aren't you.