RAF Rgt operational jump (Op SILKMAN Sierra Leone 2001)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fantassin, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. At this address


    I found the following text describing "life as a field gunner" in the RAF regiment; anybody knows anything about the operational jump which is mentioned there ? I had never heard anything about that jump before and since it's an official RAF page I reckon it can be trusted !

    Any info appreciated !

    Life As A Field Gunner
    SAC Matthew Griffiths
    When I passed out from the Trainee Gunner Course in June 1999 I was posted to the Support Weapons Flight on II Squadron RAF Regiment. (...)

    In January 2001, I made my first operational jump as part of Operation SILKMAN in Sierra Leone.
  2. Sure it wasn't Ex SILKMAN?
  3. Everyone knows that when you want Real paras its the RAF regiment you call

    Standing by
  4. All I am doing is reading the RAF web page ! But I am sure they know the difference between an Op and an Ex !

    Plus, if you read on, it says:

    In January 2001, I made my first operational jump as part of Operation SILKMAN in Sierra Leone. I was also selected to represent the RAF Regiment on a long-range reconnaissance patrol course in Belize. Soon after I was deployed on operations again, this time as part of Operation TELIC in Iraq, where we fired our mortars in anger.

    "Again" for me means SILKMAN was an Op, not an Ex
  5. How would the raf distinguish between an operational hotel and an exercise hotel?
  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    So naive...
  7. From another RAF webpage


    Parachute Capability
    II Squadron RAF Regiment is a parachute-capable Field squadron and can be used to jump in to capture and secure a landing strip or refuelling point. The Sqn operates as a normal Field Sqn, but its capability is used on specific operations as well, such as Op Silkman in Sierra Leone in 2001. Members of II Sqn are required to pass the arduous Pre-Para Selection course, in order to attend a military parachuting course at RAF Brize Norton.
  8. Not like the old days when other RAF trades could pitch up at the Paracute Training School and latch onto a Jumps Course.
  9. Star Rating of the Hotel
  10. I think you'll find it's based on the allowances that can be claimed, rather than the hotel rating. :D
  11. I was in Sierra Leone when this jump happened and it was not operational in that the RAP had already deployed on the DZ some time before and half BMATT were waiting on the ground as spectators. An example of the warriness displayed is that a member of their medical cover deployed with neither a personal weapon nor webbing as "They weren't on his kitlist."
  12. That shows just how Op, this Ex was then doesn't it.
  13. "An outfit that believes in their own publicity."

    Attributed to a retired Regiment Squadron Leader of my acquaintance.
  14. Load of crap..and i should know.. 2 sqn are roundly hated by every other gunner.. bunch of walts :D out them.. :D
  15. I seem to remember that this was a "show of force" - read big timing - onto Lungi Loi airfield well after hostilities ended.

    Cue alot of people in blue hats asking "can we wear our wings over our medals then?"

    No, no you can't. :roll: