RAF reservist exodus

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by PadMac, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. News of widespread discontent amongst reservists being told they'll be doing solely CSS / CBRN with no element of choice. Quite a few looking at the TA. Cant say I blame them.
  2. are they young enough for the TA? I thought Crab Reserve too people on past 45
  3. Crikey not all reservists are over 45! Those that are "young" enough wont give up weekends to do the mind numbing stuff PB and are already looking elsewhere
  4. Given that all R Aux AF units are not Regiment, this is a bit of a misleading statement isn't it? Can't see the Int & Movs (or the rest) reservists getting re-roled.
  5. The role / status thing is a bit of a mosaic. One or two are full regiment, others OSS.
    Yes I should have been more specific with the initial thread but there are dramas unfolding at 5 different units that i know of, with different duties.
    I think your spot on about the ints and movers, my bad. Its the others!
  6. Nor the medics and comms guys.

    Surely one of the points of the RAuxAF is to attract those with proffesional civvy quals and retain those with certain knowledges.
  7. I believe they are being dealt with as a special case due to the professional qual requirements as you said CF. I know that they have been scouring other units looking for suitable bods.
  8. Sometimes a doctor doesnt want to do medical things and is happy enough at their local unit. In any event ive missed out a few here.
  9. But the point is there. There is growing resentment with a regular system telling part timers (who have a choice) that the reason they rock up is being removed.
  10. It's almost like the RAuxAF doesn't exist to provide somewhere fun to go at weekends but to provide a reserve capability required to support the regular force, isn't it?
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  11. Now that the market is picking up, they've all gone back to being estate agents.
  12. Thank you JBM.

    I can almost see the popcorn posts already.

    A few points however.

    Who would give up their weekends to do something miserable?

    Lets face being a reservist is certainly not for the cash.

    They all have their own reasons for rocking up. Perhaps fun is in there.

    On a serious note I've already mentioned OSS units and alluded to one of their core duties.

    We can chase this one around the park all day, for some fulfilling their intense dislike of reservists. But, again the point remains. There will be a skill drain as people leave. And it will be to the TA's benefit.

  13. Any system that requires you to volunteer to turn up and be run ragged or even volunteer to go away for 6 months to be shot at in some dusty place should surely need to be very well paid or have some added value to the individual (eg fun) if you want to retain them and get them in on weekends
  14. Don't the RAF only do 4 month tours?
  15. As with the TA, it's all about the offer. A shit offer means shit retention and recruitment. If the subsequent undermanned unit meets your needs then crack on. If however you wish a highly motivated and fully manned unit then maybe, just maybe, an alternative strategy is in order.
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