RAF reservist claims Guinness World Record

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 13, 2012.

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  2. Good effort - I don't think he's quite right in the head though........
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  3. Hmmmm..not sure this is true!

    I once exitied an Amsterdam brother whilst wearing a russian gas hood/mask thingy and not much else whilst persued by a rather large pimp!

    I do believe I did a half marathan in the quickest time ever!
  4. Fixed that for you.
  5. So, you like black Dutch blokes then?
  6. So SAC McMahon, whose full-time job is as a Youth Development Officer with the Highland Council in Inverness, likes to get all hot and sweaty wearing a rubber mask?

    A mans got to have a hobby I suppose.
  7. SAC McMahon is Porridge_Gun and i claim my 12" black dildo.
  8. The 12" model is currently out of stock. Will you accept the 9" model in its place?
  9. Thanks for your order from Anne Summers. Please note that the large red dildo you ordered from page 16 of our 2012 catalogue is unavailable as it is the showroom fire extinguisher.
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