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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by hantsbloke, May 27, 2007.

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  1. Hello, Im thinking or joining the RAF reserves, Benson being the nearest, anybody in the unit here?


  2. you be best trying over at e-goat.co.uk as thats the RAF forums
  3. yeah, sod off crab! ;)
  4. Don't. They're a bunch of skiving, war dodging walts. Join the TA.

    Edited to correct a slight spelling faux pas kindly pointed out by Maple
  5. to old im afraid!
  6. How old are you, exceptions can be made.
  7. Just turned 45, I am ex TA, but nearly all units I have spoken to, dont even know the age has gone to 43 (April this year) even without any previous military experience!
  8. Why dont you set up an elite band of mercenaries with your muckers that are too old to join God's Own Organistion (TA), you can travel the world, killing baddies, winning wars for African States, overthrowing governments, starting revolutions, plotting assasinations, quelling uprisings and shagging women for a decent wage.

    If you have a problem
    If no-one else can help
    And if you can find them
    Then maybe you can hire the A(ge) Team.............. (see what i did there?)

    Ill get me coat
  9. Legion of frontiersmen?
  10. No no NO!! What can you do with "Legion of Frontiersmen"? I'll tell ya - fuck all. At least with the A(ge) Team, you can have a verse and you will gain kudos for the name when you gallivant around the globe surviving as soldiers of fortune.

  11. Dont. They're a bunch of skiving, etc, etc. Join the Regs.
  12. Touche
  13. Why not try the Royal Naval Reserve?

  14. Who at least can spell, more or less
  15. Read THIS thread. Plenty of info. on individual squadrons, including 606 Sqn at Benson.
    (There's at least one ARRSEr I know who's with them ;) )