RAF Reserves (I know it's TA Section but no where will help)

First I know this is a Army Forum but no RAF forums provide anywhere near as good Information as this forum does.

So my problem is, I applied to join as a Reservist and I got invited to a Squadron day. However I was not told what I should expect their, what to wear and how to even get their (whether I can drive or not).

Is their anyone who can help?
Well on the phone all she said was that I need to come to the Squadron day, to which she sent me an Email with the Invitation to get in. But other than that she said nothing.


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It's an initiative test. The idea is you figure it out and when you get there, on time and in an approximation of the right dress you move to the next stage.
Try, hairy blue battle dress with a sharp crease across the back. Bulled boots, gaiters and webbing belt. Brass highly polished ask for a minimum of twenty seven bob a week.



If it was me I'd turn up in interview clothes and well polished shoes. Bring pt kit in a bag in the car if you think you might need it.... but best be overdressed than underdressed. ...
Because they deserve it?

But, seriously, nothing been said on this thread, to date, which showcases our despite of the 100 year experiment.

We haven't even suggested you take an air rifle to an eBay Osprey knock-off and rock up with that.

Yes that was deliberate. I apologise. Insincerely, of course.

Edited 'cause I didn't spot it was the OP slagging us off.
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From my experience a Sqn day will just be an introduction giving you an idea of what to expect, what the process is going to be and if you have any questions, I don't think you need to take anything and mine was casual. But if in doubt ask them

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but best be overdressed than underdressed. ...

So, bowling up wearing an Air Vice Marshal's uniform is okay then? ;-) (shows aspiration)

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I would agree with legs that it is some kind of initiative test, but since when were the RAF required to display initiative. Perhaps it's something new they are trying out?

I know Chay blyth did something similar when he was trying to thin out applicants for a place on his crew for the 76/77 Whitbread Round The World yacht race.
All they got was a six figure grid ref for some remote Scottish mountain.
I think your test pales in comparison.

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