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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by metplod, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Guys,

    Does anyone know if there are any regulations concerning retention of rank on transfer from the TA to the RAF Reserve?

    I know that it would generally depend on vacancies at the rank etc, but I have a friend who went from the TA (on age), straight into the RAF Reserve doing essentially the same job, and he was reduced from stripey back to full screw.

    At the time the reason given was that the same sqn had already set a precedent by taking on a staffy but reducing him to stripey, and that had become the sqn's policy.

    This just doesn't seem right. I've done some trawling about on armynet and have found that transfer from RN or RAF to the army should, wherever possible, be at the same rank. However I couldn't find anything about transfer between reserve forces. I may end up going across myself when father time decrees it, but am loath to take a reduction in rank just because of "sqn policy".

    Anyone able to help out with the relevant regulations please?
  2. The place to look would probably be AP3392, Vol 7, possibly leaflet 401.

    Can't get at it from here I'm afraid.
  3. I also looked at this recently, and was told that due to JPA, you have to leave the TA completely, then go through the RAF Aux recruiting process, joining on the bottom rung....

    Must admit, I didnt pursue it much more than that due to the distance I'd have to travel.
  4. Thanks for that, but can't access it either, any ideas what it actually says?
  5. Bear in mind that even if you do leave the TA completely and join the crabs "on the bottom rung", if there is a gap of less then 30 days between signing off the TA and signing on the RAFR you are not seen as having a "break in service" and should be entitled to keep your same pay grade, regardless of rank... could end up the most overpaid aircraftman in the world!
  6. Your friend wouldnt happen to be you would it?
  7. No, my mate went over about 2 years ago, has deployed, and is still a full screw (which doesn't bother him too much). Subject came up after a full screw from the RAF Regiment Reserve came across to my unit, kept his rank and was promoted after a trade course.

    Seems it only works one way.......?
  8. Sorry Mate, just think that would be where it is, as that's the part of the regulations that deals with recruitment, age limits etc.

    Your Mate should be able to get a look at it at his unit though....
  9. I left the TA and joined the RAuxAF. I kept my rank, but I had to have a three month gap between leaving the TA and joining the RAuxAF, because JPA can't cope with shutting one account down and starting a new one. This was the same problem for an ex-regular officer that joined. For the purpose of bounty and VRSM qualification, this DOES NOT count as a break in service.

    Curiously, despite that, I kept my Army service number :?

    We also had an ex regular Army WO1 join us. He was busted down to Flt Sgt for year until he had done the trade courses to qualify him for our role and then was reappointed as WO when he became our SWO. However he carried on being paid as a WO during that year.

    Going to the RAuxAF was a very good move for me :D
  10. It's not due to JPA - even pre-JPA you had to leave the TA to join the RAuxAF.

    It is, however, due to JPA that there is a forced "holiday" from the system before you can have an account raised. Same would be true for someone who left the TA and then wanted, for whatever reason, to re-join straight away.

    I have a number of former TA colleagues who have joined various RAuxAF sqns over the past 2 years and, in every case, they have dropped one rank.
  11. I kept my rank...
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Ask their PSI?
  13. We don't have PSIs in our Squadrons
  14. What you need to bear in mind is that the RAF have no equivalent rank for LCpl...whatever a sweaty old rockape tells you, SAC is not LCpl equiv. Believe me, I did 9 years in blue/grey.
  15. I left the TA and joined the RAuxAF and had to drop a rank, allegedly as there were no vacancies at the time. They dont have the 'flexible' LSNs as such and being a very much smaller organization, they did not put personnel against another LSN to keep the rank. It was a bit of a bummer with the usual lies 'oh you will get it back soon'. I came in on level one pay but am currently appealing that. Surprised you kept the same army number as I have a new number.

    But, we have had regular Wing Commanders and WOs who have recently joined who have had to drop in rank as the Squadron just do not have the slots for them or else you would end up with 10 Wing Commanders and one airman in one flight, so some logic in that.

    It is annoying at times to see an SAC you knew in the TA as a Sgt whilst the Squadron have buffoons as Sgts who I would not trust to go to Tesco's on their own